Neon Hardcorps

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The city of blinding lights

⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; FearLycan; Starwhite; JasuXxX; Aemon; kamk; Sph3xG3O; rindazzz; Hyper; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; These biscuits; Nicholas; Viktor=0; Jou<3; theCat ||; cillosis; .vorteX//; Van011; Myrsan; NGaming; L۞ĶIN ([{ in <3 }]); Jxt09; ⎛⎝TheWIndo⎠⎞; CdE; Τinkerbell; Expired Waffle; 〖Murtida〗; ★Enji Night★; DerpyGalaxy; drgAby; Joshelin; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; mexizzy1; Tsundereworks; Immortal King; GLaDOS; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; brake[B>Cards / TF2 Backpacks]; DrPixel; Bert Igermann #1893; ✪ JackDestiny01; BarbaricGenie


⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; Starwhite; 孙想钱; Aemon; kamk; SaFo; Sph3xG3O; markx2; KbronCT; Hyper; These biscuits; Guille36; Nicholas; theCat ||; kredddy; .vorteX//; Van011; Malokero99 | Want cards; NGaming; Nostalgias; NukE; Jxt09; ⎛⎝TheWIndo⎠⎞; CdE; Τinkerbell; KodokSaltoe; Expired Waffle; DK | D E V A S T A T O R; 〖Murtida〗; ★Enji Night★; AcRYLiC.; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav; Joshelin; Disaster Plume |; Hector_evil; Xise; Dgek; Tsundereworks; Immortal King; GLaDOS; 那年下雨天; brake[B>Cards / TF2 Backpacks]; XanthiN; DrPixel; Bert Igermann #1893; ✪ JackDestiny01; rastor76; FredyJackson


⇄ tradeable: [FR] Enata; FearLycan; Starwhite; 孙想钱; kamk; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Thomas; rindazzz; markx2; KbronCT; These biscuits; Guille36; Viktor=0; Jou<3; theCat ||; cillosis; .vorteX//; Myrsan; Malokero99 | Want cards; L۞ĶIN ([{ in <3 }]); Dave; Malone86; ⎛⎝TheWIndo⎠⎞; Une_tuille; CdE; Τinkerbell; Wann J[h]ones; DK | D E V A S T A T O R; 〖Murtida〗; ★Enji Night★; DerpyGalaxy; AcRYLiC.; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav; Joshelin; Hector_evil; Dgek; Emkas; gazimply; marvellovich; Immortal King; GrumpyArab; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; XanthiN; DrPixel; Bert Igermann #1893; uT; rapsodelopront; Bazilius; FredyJackson

Don't mess

⇄ tradeable: [FR] Enata; FearLycan; JasuXxX; kamk; SaFo; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Thomas; rindazzz; markx2; KbronCT; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; These biscuits; Nicholas; .vorteX//; BlobbyCHEZhead; Nostalgias; NukE; Dave; Malone86; Wann J[h]ones; 〖Murtida〗; ★Enji Night★; AcRYLiC.; Joshelin; Disaster Plume |; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; Xise; Emkas; marvellovich; Tsundereworks; Immortal King; GLaDOS; GrumpyArab; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; Sing a Song; DrPixel; ✪ JackDestiny01; uT; BarbaricGenie; Bazilius; FredyJackson

The gang

⇄ tradeable: [FR] Enata; FearLycan; Sph3xG3O; Thomas; Hyper; Guille36; Nicholas; Viktor=0; Jou<3; kredddy; cillosis; BlobbyCHEZhead; Malokero99 | Want cards; Nostalgias; L۞ĶIN ([{ in <3 }]); NukE; Jxt09; Une_tuille; PppnRppp; Wingz; Wann J[h]ones; KodokSaltoe; DK | D E V A S T A T O R; 〖Murtida〗; ★Enji Night★; DerpyGalaxy; drgAby; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav; Joshelin; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; mexizzy1; Emkas; gazimply; marvellovich; Tsundereworks; Immortal King; 那年下雨天; Sing a Song; XanthiN; DrPixel; uT; BarbaricGenie; rastor76; rapsodelopront; Bazilius