The Big Elk

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The Big Elk

⇄ tradeable: lanz; mraq; Grez; Wann J[h]ones; Gonah

The Sweet Rabbit

⇄ tradeable: KbronCT; Skarxing; gearup™ 囧; lanz; Malone86; Grez; Wixty; antartic

The Serious Hedgehog

⇄ tradeable: KbronCT; Skarxing; lanz; miha86; Wixty; antartic

The Old TV

⇄ tradeable: gearup™ 囧; lanz; mraq; miha86; Malone86; Gonah

The Afro Rex

⇄ tradeable: Skarxing; gearup™ 囧; lanz; miha86; Malone86; Grez; Wixty; antartic; Gonah