On Rusty Trails

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⇄ tradeable: Atombath; LadyOberon [#GamersRule]; ☀ geoglitch | offline - moving

Steel Worker

⇄ tradeable: Τinkerbell; zelgaris; ☀ geoglitch | offline - moving; نبوخذ نصر

The General

⇄ tradeable: Atombath; Τinkerbell; zelgaris; LadyOberon [#GamersRule]

The Enemy!

⇄ tradeable: zelgaris; rapsodelopront[away]; نبوخذ نصر; Nekro G

The Machine!

⇄ tradeable: Atombath; Τinkerbell; rapsodelopront[away]; نبوخذ نصر

Beware of Spies!

⇄ tradeable: TheL0rd0fSpace; ☀ geoglitch | offline - moving; PraX; نبوخذ نصر