The Deed: Dynasty

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William Bruce

⇄ tradeable: ilke :d; Vandalk; Roofy; Shyuro (afk/idle)

Governor Woolsey

⇄ tradeable: Blur; Vandalk; Mumei; DARKKi; philipp_chris; dess

Annie Bruce

⇄ tradeable: Blur; ilke :d; Vandalk; Gh0stW4r; MATRIX; xS > DRIFT; philipp_chris

The Stranger

⇄ tradeable: Malone86; Blur; Roofy; Gh0stW4r; MATRIX; Shyuro (afk/idle); dess

Margaret Percy

⇄ tradeable: Malone86; ilke :d; Vandalk; Roofy; Gh0stW4r; Mumei; Shyuro (afk/idle); philipp_chris

Thomas Bruce

⇄ tradeable: MATRIX; Mumei