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⇄ tradeable: markx2; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; Jou<3 The Rave Van; molu13; Jxt09 (sick with cold)


⇄ tradeable: Phaze; markx2; Jou<3 The Rave Van; Phukndeeveesss; jojoPL1987; Wingz

Angry Bot

⇄ tradeable: markx2; Skarxing; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; ; Jxt09 (sick with cold); BenZina Daze

Flying Bomb

⇄ tradeable: Phaze; markx2; cillosis; Phukndeeveesss; jojoPL1987; Nostalgias; Jxt09 (sick with cold); Wingz


⇄ tradeable: Phaze; markx2; Espoah; Skarxing; ; molu13; cillosis; jojoPL1987; Nostalgias; AndyTheDuck; BenZina Daze

Patrol Beast

⇄ tradeable: markx2; Espoah; Skarxing; Jou<3 The Rave Van; cillosis; Nostalgias; Wingz; BenZina Daze