The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

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A Beautiful Sky

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; shockedfrog; Anarchy; Cid; BAZ; poopoohgoboom; theCat ||; DaHamsta; TheL0rd0fSpace; Serird

Hot Springs Hostage

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; Cid; Sheepmatty; Harambe; Tupper; poopoohgoboom; BSun; theCat ||; JayJaytheAnt; yoyosam; antartic; Serird

Zeiss' Favorite Apprentice

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; Cid; BAZ; Sheepmatty; emcer[☯]; T-Patch [rip]; Tupper; JayJaytheAnt; Arafo; yoyosam; Serird

Precious Memory

⇄ tradeable: froward; Anarchy; Harambe; poopoohgoboom; Arafo; DaHamsta; meera

Pearfect Day

⇄ tradeable: froward; shockedfrog; Cid; Sheepmatty; poopoohgoboom; JayJaytheAnt; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

Playful Princess

⇄ tradeable: froward; shockedfrog; Anarchy; Sunrise; BAZ; Sheepmatty; T-Patch [rip]; Arafo; DaHamsta; TheL0rd0fSpace; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

A Warm Smile

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; shockedfrog; Anarchy; Cid; T-Patch [rip]; theCat ||; Arafo; TheL0rd0fSpace; meera

Happy Holidays!

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; shockedfrog; BAZ; Harambe; DaHamsta; antartic; meera

A Relaxing Evening

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; Sunrise; Sheepmatty; poopoohgoboom; theCat ||; antartic; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

Beach Bikinis

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; shockedfrog; BAZ; Harambe; poopoohgoboom; TheL0rd0fSpace; Serird

Snowball Showdown

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; BAZ; Sheepmatty; T-Patch [rip]; Harambe; JayJaytheAnt; antartic; Serird; meera

Home for the Heart

⇄ tradeable: froward; Cid; BAZ; smockist; T-Patch [rip]; Harambe; poopoohgoboom; theCat ||; Arafo; yoyosam; DaHamsta; TheL0rd0fSpace; meera

Jenis Royal Academy

⇄ tradeable: Léséhan; froward; Anarchy; T-Patch [rip]; Harambe; Tupper; JayJaytheAnt; Arafo; yoyosam; antartic; TheL0rd0fSpace; Serird; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav