Father´s Island

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Soldier of Fortune

⇄ tradeable: Gab; Chuckles☢; MuRado; Canuckrat; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

The Lab

⇄ tradeable: mraq; rafa.vb; Chuckles☢; ghostzer0; MuRado; Torva Crinem; Skarxing

The Dark Alley

⇄ tradeable: Grez; MATRIX; ghostzer0; DrPixel; Skarxing; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

The Priest

⇄ tradeable: Grez; DrPixel; Skarxing

Smooth Criminal

⇄ tradeable: Gab; rafa.vb; Grez; Chuckles☢; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

Traumatised Sheep

⇄ tradeable: rafa.vb; Grez; MuRado; Torva Crinem; Skarxing

The Wolpertinger

⇄ tradeable: Gab; Grez; ghostzer0; DrPixel; Canuckrat; mennoberg

The Father

⇄ tradeable: Gab; Panther Lily; rafa.vb; Grez; Chuckles☢; DrPixel; MuRado; Canuckrat; Torva Crinem; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]