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Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde

⇄ tradeable: The Guy On The Couch ©; Dalysay; thoughtfulhippo; Hector_evil; Nanaki; Nitro; isaLpOkidQ; Lefty Hand; Carre; Aligar


⇄ tradeable: georgedorn; AlexL29; thoughtfulhippo; Hector_evil; Toysoldier; Nitro; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; Carre; rapsodelopront[away]; Aligar; Skarxing; FredyJackson; MrBrovvn; JGonspy


⇄ tradeable: Nohl Toli; georgedorn; Evil Cat; zelgaris; Dalysay; thoughtfulhippo; Hector_evil; mexizzy1; Toysoldier; Nanaki; RetroGamerAndrew; vitribit; Nitro; xS > DRIFT; DamageInc.; Lefty Hand; Carre; Canuckrat; rapsodelopront[away]; Aligar; Skarxing; FredyJackson; N0bL3

PAC-MAN glitch

⇄ tradeable: RhythmKnight; SuicidaL o.o; AlexL29; zelgaris; Hector_evil; Nanaki; RetroGamerAndrew; Nitro; DamageInc.; 那年下雨天; rastor76; rapsodelopront[away]; FredyJackson; JGonspy

PAC-MAN dark

⇄ tradeable: Wacko Prophet; Nohl Toli; RhythmKnight; SuicidaL o.o; The Guy On The Couch ©; Dr. von und zu CeeJay; Dalysay; Hector_evil; Nitro; isaLpOkidQ; Lefty Hand; Canuckrat; Skarxing; JGonspy; DOGGE not DOGE