Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery

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Mayan Artifact

⇄ tradeable: Ducky; Jxt09; πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— ); Teklo; Faith No More; Higgy Baby; βœͺ Benz1; Camo Toe; Reyalpeno; motown_junk51; mientus83; devotee

Horatio Hawk

⇄ tradeable: Jxt09; Silver Dragon; ghostzer0; RetroGamerAndrew; SpanneR_RingS; Higgy Baby; brake[B>TF2 Backpacks]; βœͺ Benz1; Reyalpeno; ThreeSon; mientus83; Nagelfar87; PrinzVonBillAir


⇄ tradeable: Ducky; Silver Dragon; aves; Dgek; ghostzer0; SpanneR_RingS; Higgy Baby; Reyalpeno; motown_junk51; mientus83


⇄ tradeable: Silver Dragon; Faith No More; SpanneR_RingS; surugu8; βœͺ Benz1; Camo Toe; Reyalpeno; ThreeSon; MEHXO; Nagelfar87; PrinzVonBillAir


⇄ tradeable: Jxt09; πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— ); aves; RetroGamerAndrew; Faith No More; surugu8; Camo Toe; Reyalpeno; motown_junk51; ThreeSon; devotee; Nagelfar87; PrinzVonBillAir