The Secret Monster Society

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Mr Pimples - A.K.A. Lazy Fish
A Rude Awakening

⇄ tradeable: Gonah; Skarxing

The Grandle - A True Genius

⇄ tradeable: TiGrOu42; Skarxing

In The Country

⇄ tradeable: ♛kkk♛; Metalharpey; Gonah

Mudcakes For All

⇄ tradeable: ♛kkk♛; Metalharpey; TiGrOu42

School's Out For Fire

⇄ tradeable: ♛kkk♛; Metalharpey; Gonah; Skarxing

The Forgotten Cliffs

⇄ tradeable: TiGrOu42; Skarxing

Dead Man's Alley

⇄ tradeable: ♛kkk♛; TiGrOu42