Legend of Grimrock 2

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Giant Snake

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; Ricko * PeritusTV; Cheech; Joey The Saint; MrPrecise; Toni; B A U E R; Puph; Chell #1498; Stevo; Ducky; Une_tuille; ЅevoK; Collector; HAL2000; =WZTS= zork; Wixty; antartic


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; Joey The Saint; MrPrecise; Herr Muskelbaum; Puph; Chell #1498; FDN; 孙想钱; Golwar;

Sand Warg

⇄ tradeable: Ricko * PeritusTV; MrPrecise; Keyser Soze; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; #Rocket to Uranus; Chell #1498; 孙想钱; Aemon; Golwar; HybridTracer; Nameless; SgtMathias; Stevo; Ducky; Une_tuille; Collector; Renegade; HAL2000; ; =WZTS= zork; Wixty


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; Ricko * PeritusTV; Cheech; wagosaur; Joey The Saint; Cid; MrPrecise; Excuritas; Keyser Soze; B A U E R; Herr Muskelbaum; UncleYar; Starwhite; 孙想钱; Nameless; SgtMathias; Stevo; crawler; Ducky; Jxt09; Une_tuille; ЅevoK; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; Collector; HAL2000; =WZTS= zork

Summon Stone

⇄ tradeable: BabyDaddy Cool; Ricko * PeritusTV; Cheech; Cid; MrPrecise; Greymane; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; B A U E R; Herr Muskelbaum; Puph; Starwhite; FDN; Nameless; SgtMathias; Renegade


⇄ tradeable: BabyDaddy Cool; Cheech; wagosaur; MrPrecise; Excuritas; Toni; Killing Brain Cells; Greymane; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; B A U E R; Planetdune; #Rocket to Uranus; Hindenberg!; Puph; UncleYar; Starwhite; Aemon; Golwar; Stevo; crawler; Ducky; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; ; antartic; fodigga


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; Cheech; wagosaur; MrPrecise; Excuritas; Keyser Soze; Greymane; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; #Rocket to Uranus; Starwhite; FDN; Aemon; Golwar; HybridTracer; Nameless; "Lord of The Edge" Milacetious; HAL2000; Wixty; fodigga


⇄ tradeable: BabyDaddy Cool; wagosaur; Cid; MrPrecise; Keyser Soze; #Rocket to Uranus; UncleYar; Chell #1498; FDN; 孙想钱; Aemon; HybridTracer; SgtMathias; Jxt09; Une_tuille; ЅevoK; "Lord of The Edge" Milacetious; Collector; ; =WZTS= zork; antartic