Legends of Eisenwald

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Legend of the Iron Millstone

⇄ tradeable: frankcastle51; nexusdan; Kranolf; markx2; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; Grobbus; phermium

Legend of the Elbe on Fire

⇄ tradeable: GhostZ; nexusdan

Legend of the Kite and the Swan

⇄ tradeable: Tonic; iDisOrder; nexusdan; markx2; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; DerpyGalaxy

Legend of Saint Landry

⇄ tradeable: GhostZ; nexusdan; Kranolf; Grobbus; phermium

Legend of the Outcast

⇄ tradeable: Tonic; nexusdan; Kranolf

Legend of the Crystal Apple

⇄ tradeable: GhostZ; nexusdan; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; DerpyGalaxy; Grobbus

Legend of the Sleepless Count

⇄ tradeable: iDisOrder; frankcastle51; nexusdan; DerpyGalaxy; phermium

Legend of the Half Hundred

⇄ tradeable: GhostZ; frankcastle51; nexusdan; Kranolf; markx2; DerpyGalaxy; phermium

Legend of the Brother and Sister

⇄ tradeable: nexusdan; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; DerpyGalaxy