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Otus and Geddy Fly to Action

⇄ tradeable: K.C.; Renegade; DavidGoodis; walibixo

Otus Waits in the Sun

⇄ tradeable: Renegade; Dr. Pop Tart; walibixo

Surprised by a Gawk
Otus Leaps to Adventure

⇄ tradeable: K.C.; DavidGoodis; walibixo

Otus Arrives at Advent

⇄ tradeable: K.C.; Renegade; DavidGoodis

Otus in the Sun
Incoming Gawks

⇄ tradeable: K.C.; DavidGoodis

Relax in the Hotspring

⇄ tradeable: Renegade

Sharing Tales of Treasures

⇄ tradeable: K.C.; Dr. Pop Tart