Mad Hunter

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Fat policman

⇄ tradeable: Atombath; Τinkerbell; Hector_evil; destro; .4nDr3; Slayer Jezza; 那年下雨天; BarbaricGenie; d3ToX

Red Bike

⇄ tradeable: martinskive34; Schwarzer Kaiser; Τinkerbell; Hector_evil; .4nDr3; Slayer Jezza; GLaDOS; 那年下雨天; dess; ✪ JackDestiny01; d3ToX

Green Bike

⇄ tradeable: Morpheus; Wixty; Schwarzer Kaiser; Τinkerbell; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; GLaDOS; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; dess; PraX; ✪ JackDestiny01; BarbaricGenie; d3ToX

Orange Bike

⇄ tradeable: martinskive34; Morpheus; KVAZAR®; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; .4nDr3; Slayer Jezza; 那年下雨天; dess; d3ToX; rastor76

Mad Hunter

⇄ tradeable: Morpheus; Atombath; KVAZAR®; Schwarzer Kaiser; Hector_evil; .4nDr3; 那年下雨天; PraX; d3ToX; rastor76

Fat and Girl

⇄ tradeable: martinskive34; Morpheus; Atombath; Wixty; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; destro; .4nDr3; GLaDOS; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; PraX; d3ToX; rastor76


⇄ tradeable: Τinkerbell; Kat; Hector_evil; .4nDr3; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; dess; ✪ JackDestiny01; d3ToX

Policman and dog

⇄ tradeable: KVAZAR®; Lorenzo; Hector_evil; destro; Bernie_23; .4nDr3; Slayer Jezza; GLaDOS; isaLpOkidQ; 那年下雨天; PraX; BarbaricGenie; d3ToX