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Amida Gang

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; emcer[☯]; pyhsix; 孙想钱; Nostalgias; Gonah

Onobo The Crow

⇄ tradeable: Alien; emcer[☯]; 孙想钱; ; theCat ||; SgtMathias; Nostalgias; PppnRppp; AnderPR; Dr. Pop Tart; Gonah

Shiro The Master

⇄ tradeable: Herr Muskelbaum; emcer[☯]; ☬ ZzProphet ☬; theCat ||; Nostalgias; D E V A S T A T O R; Gonah; Lilly (✿◠‿◠)


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; Herr Muskelbaum; emcer[☯]; pyhsix; ; htc555; PppnRppp; AnderPR


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; emcer[☯]; ; htc555; PppnRppp; AnderPR; D E V A S T A T O R; Gonah

Shadow Blade

⇄ tradeable: Alien; Herr Muskelbaum; emcer[☯]; pyhsix; theCat ||; htc555; D E V A S T A T O R