Super Win the Game

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The Wayfarer

⇄ tradeable: Mistah_Q; B A U E R; Recu; Miketool; emcer[☯]; MS83; Metalharpey; Hector_evil; Cy; Nagelfar87; Skarxing

The Hollow King

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420 |; Miketool; emcer[☯]; Vanatic; A.; muse; MS83; Malokero99 | Want cards; Krakxx; Hector_evil; TiGrOu42; Skarxing

The Evil Wizard

⇄ tradeable: Mistah_Q; wagosaur; B A U E R; Kiyoharu; emcer[☯]; A.; muse; Narharos; Jabbergeist; Catnip; FilthySouls; Metalharpey; Hector_evil; Cy; ☀ geoglitch; TiGrOu42; Nagelfar87

The Arcadian

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420 |; wagosaur; Kiyoharu; emcer[☯]; A.; 薛定喵; Narharos; Catnip; Malokero99 | Want cards; Krakxx; FilthySouls; Wingz; Hector_evil; TiGrOu42; Massimog

The Astronomer

⇄ tradeable: B A U E R; Recu; Alien; emcer[☯]; Vanatic; 薛定喵; Jabbergeist; JBlackm0re; Krakxx; FilthySouls; Wingz; Hector_evil; Cy; ☀ geoglitch; Nagelfar87

The Scientist

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420 |; wagosaur; Jangkun; Recu; Miketool; emcer[☯]; Vanatic; 薛定喵; Narharos; Catnip; Malokero99 | Want cards; Metalharpey; Hector_evil; Skarxing