Rollers of the Realm

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The Alchemist

⇄ tradeable: dedge; Mistah_Q; [TH] Be1st; n00j; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; Herr Muskelbaum; T-Patch [rip]; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem; Mara; Myrsan

The Barmaid

⇄ tradeable: n00j; Rozen; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; Thyrinea; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem; Mara; Nostalgias

The Farmboy

⇄ tradeable: solidstate; [TH] Be1st; n00j; Rozen; BAZ; Vice; T-Patch [rip]; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem

The Healer

⇄ tradeable: dedge; solidstate; Rongey420; Rozen; Vice; Thyrinea; jeeger; Myrsan; Nostalgias

The Hunter

⇄ tradeable: solidstate; Rongey420; Mistah_Q; [TH] Be1st; n00j; Herr Muskelbaum; Mara; Myrsan

The Knight

⇄ tradeable: dedge; solidstate; TRMshadow; Mistah_Q; [TH] Be1st; n00j; BAZ; Herr Muskelbaum; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem; Participation Trophy Wife

The Crone

⇄ tradeable: dedge; TRMshadow; Rozen; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; Herr Muskelbaum; T-Patch [rip]; Mara; Myrsan

The Rogue

⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; Vice; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem; Mara; Nostalgias

The Swordsman

⇄ tradeable: dedge; solidstate; Rongey420; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; Vice; Thyrinea; Brano + reddit/FreeGamesOnStaem; jeeger; Lilly (✿◠‿◠)

The Monk

⇄ tradeable: TRMshadow; Mistah_Q; [TH] Be1st; Rozen; BAZ; Vice; T-Patch [rip]; Thyrinea; jeeger; Mara; Nostalgias