Unholy Heights

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Daily Struggle

⇄ tradeable: ✮ DRiM ✮; Xsesis; luckz; dedge; BrandeX; Mitrax; zzzwlagga; Skyrant Kangaroomouse; Spider2745; thedeathsheep; Lumin; Cruci; Jazz Cat - freedomroleplay.com; Alenonimo; Tobi the Terrible; Menace123; Sheepmatty; Vice; Cotton Eyed Joe; Miketool; Metro Retro | gamekit.com; Clemmy; bmendonc; FDN; Friday; hontuyu; quantumRyan; garvins

Ladies' Man

⇄ tradeable: ✮ DRiM ✮; Xsesis; luckz; Convector; de.netto[Idling]; Theo; Mitrax; Skyrant Kangaroomouse; thedeathsheep; Cruci; Jazz Cat - freedomroleplay.com; Shax; Rozen; Sheepmatty; Ekaus CSGOFade.Net; Vice; Miketool; Metro Retro | gamekit.com; Clemmy; emotionengine; Puph; Friday; Catnip; Nomnaut; Kamui; PppnRppp; Rainbow; CANT LOSE WITH 22S; Tsundereworks; Shyuro (afk/idle); Lady Dawn (NeedtoKnow Gaming); Arfphandal Forfal Forphan 🔥; ☀ geoglitch

The Last Battle

⇄ tradeable: Xsesis; luckz; Nullyn; Convector; dedge; BrandeX; RickyRider; Mitrax; zzzwlagga; Lumin; Shax; Alenonimo; Tobi the Terrible; Sheepmatty; Metro Retro | gamekit.com; Puph; T-Patch [rip]; Thyrinea; Catnip; HAL2000; hontuyu; quantumRyan; sparkyjrox; Shyuro (afk/idle); ☀ geoglitch; rastor76

Deadly Beauty

⇄ tradeable: stormai; Nullyn; dedge; Theo; Mitrax; Shax; Alenonimo; Rozen; Sheepmatty; Clemmy; The Suspect | Bitskins.com; FDN; ๖ۣۜTђё_Cяøω™; Catnip; PppnRppp; HAL2000; RhythmKnight; hontuyu; quantumRyan; sparkyjrox; Tsundereworks; Lady Dawn (NeedtoKnow Gaming); ☀ geoglitch; Cyklow; Besmarques


⇄ tradeable: ✮ DRiM ✮; luckz; Nullyn; dedge; BrandeX; RickyRider; Theo; Mitrax; thedeathsheep; Cruci; Jazz Cat - freedomroleplay.com; Alenonimo; Tobi the Terrible; Rozen; bmendonc; The Suspect | Bitskins.com; Puph; InSomnisVeritas; Thyrinea; Friday; Kamui; Twiste Minds; Rainbow; Tsundereworks; garvins; igel2005; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan 🔥; ☀ geoglitch; JimmiChill

Hero's Resolve

⇄ tradeable: MakoSipper; ✮ DRiM ✮; de.netto[Idling]; BrandeX; Theo; Mitrax; zzzwlagga; Cruci; Jazz Cat - freedomroleplay.com; Shax; Ekaus CSGOFade.Net; Vice; Cotton Eyed Joe; bmendonc; emotionengine; InSomnisVeritas; T-Patch [rip]; Thyrinea; PppnRppp; Rainbow; hontuyu; Shyuro (afk/idle); ☀ geoglitch; rastor76; Cyklow

The Mother Lode

⇄ tradeable: Xsesis; stormai; Convector; RickyRider; Skyrant Kangaroomouse; thedeathsheep; Lumin; Ekaus CSGOFade.Net; Miketool; Clemmy; emotionengine; The Suspect | Bitskins.com; Neku; T-Patch [rip]; FDN; Thyrinea; Friday; Catnip; weirdfangkiller; PppnRppp; RhythmKnight; garvins; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan 🔥; JimmiChill