Aritana and the Harpy's Feather

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Aritana, Raoni's Apprentice

⇄ tradeable: Camo Toe; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

Raoni, the Wiseman

⇄ tradeable: Rozen; Silver Dragon; .4nDr3🎮; Game Maniac

Tabata, the Chieftain

⇄ tradeable: Camo Toe; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

Mapinguari, Feared by All

⇄ tradeable: Silver Dragon; RetroGamerAndrew; .4nDr3🎮; Camo Toe; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA

Harpy, the Rare Bird

⇄ tradeable: Rozen; RetroGamerAndrew; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; devotee; Bert Igermann #1893 [atm PS4]

Forest Spirit

⇄ tradeable: Silver Dragon; Game Maniac; devotee