Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

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The Angry Video Game Nerd

⇄ tradeable: Saintly; SpiceHustle29; Reyalpeno; A.; pepegoterax; Chris B; Yoodiv - Terraria upon request; Kaci; Silver Dragon;

Guitar Guy

⇄ tradeable: NightShade; BrandeX; wagosaur; pepegoterax; Chris B; dunrau; Silver Dragon; DavidGoodis


⇄ tradeable: BrandeX; wagosaur; A.; pepegoterax; Yoodiv - Terraria upon request; Maleklum

B. S. Man

⇄ tradeable: Saintly; SpiceHustle29; smockist; Chris B; Yoodiv - Terraria upon request; Silver Dragon; Twiste Minds

Super Mecha Death Christ 2000

⇄ tradeable: wagosaur; Reyalpeno; A.; Kaci; Maleklum; ; Twiste Minds

The Glitch Gremlin

⇄ tradeable: BrandeX; Saintly; SpiceHustle29; smockist; Kaci; Maleklum; Twiste Minds