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⇄ tradeable: luckz; r3k0; zecaben; VººDºº|2ª¥; Planetdune; Angelmr98; T-Patch [rip]; Faith No More; garvins; Higgy Baby


⇄ tradeable: r3k0; Tonic; Jarda; Planetdune; mast3r; pepegoterax; The El Flater; Τinkerbell; SpanneR_RingS; Game Maniac; Camo Toe

Junior Melchkin

⇄ tradeable: r3k0; VººDºº|2ª¥; mast3r; Faith No More; MEHXO; advanceagent

Meat Boy

⇄ tradeable: luckz; zecaben; Angelmr98; garvins; Higgy Baby; surugu8; Camo Toe; Reyalpeno; MEHXO

Mr. Robotube

⇄ tradeable: zecaben; Angelmr98; T-Patch [rip]; parkbenchi; mast3r; The El Flater; Tanglez; Faith No More; surugu8; Camo Toe; MEHXO