The Bluecoats: North vs South

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North Vs South

⇄ tradeable: Anarchy; [TH] Be1st; Incompl; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; 吾乃路过; StreetDog [Extraterrestial]; Cato; InSomnisVeritas; MS83; Hyper; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav


⇄ tradeable: lukecz81; Anarchy; Rozen; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; [B0T]Philly; Vice; HerHunG; InSomnisVeritas; alacantec; MS83; KbronCT; Hyper; zork

The South

⇄ tradeable: [TH] Be1st; 吾乃路过; Vice; StreetDog [Extraterrestial]; Cato; bmendonc; Dany-L; EstoyEnElYermo; XIJ3S0NXX385


⇄ tradeable: Rongey420; lukecz81; [TH] Be1st; Incompl; [CSGOTRADERS.NET BOT]huangjs; [B0T]Philly; Kortal; bmendonc; Dany-L; HerHunG; alacantec; MS83; KbronCT; Hyper; zork


⇄ tradeable: lukecz81; Anarchy; Rozen; Kortal; StreetDog [Extraterrestial]; Cato; bmendonc; Dany-L; HerHunG; EstoyEnElYermo; XIJ3S0NXX385; Hyper; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav