Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

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That Would Blow My Mind

⇄ tradeable: Incompl; ☯Nevros☯; bbd; Shama; markx2; Sonkilary; molu13; JPDEFO; rafa.vb; AnderPR; Yo; meera

New Kind of Meat

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT; Incompl; 孙想钱; GhostNight; Shama; molu13; Professional Loli Cuddler; Mitraild; Yo; Benzilla427; walibixo; meera

Fingers in Many Pies

⇄ tradeable: nivakis; LordXenu&Friends; Lumberjack; GhostNight; Shama; Mephisto; markx2; gearup™ 囧; JPDEFO; Nomnaut; Mitraild; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; antartic; meera

Scrab a Bite to Eat

⇄ tradeable: (No Mouse); CUPooUT; nivakis; LordXenu&Friends; ☯Nevros☯; Lumberjack; Mephisto; maltness; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; molu13; gearup™ 囧; rafa.vb; Professional Loli Cuddler; Mitraild; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; AnderPR; Magman; Benzilla427; walibixo

Annual Board Meeting

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT; Incompl; nivakis; LordXenu&Friends; ☯Nevros☯; GhostNight; Mephisto; markx2; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; rafa.vb; Professional Loli Cuddler; AnderPR; Renegade; Yo; antartic; walibixo

Lush Wilderness

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT

They Say It's the Biggest

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT; nivakis; woodlandfaerietruck; ☯Nevros☯; molu13; gearup™ 囧; Professional Loli Cuddler; Atombath; meera

Grenade Machines

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT; nivakis; Lumberjack; 孙想钱; GhostNight; bbd; maltness; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; JPDEFO; Renegade; Atombath

Not the Only One

⇄ tradeable: CUPooUT; Incompl

Now My Chant Had Power

⇄ tradeable: nivakis; ☯Nevros☯; 孙想钱; GhostNight; markx2; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; gearup™ 囧; JPDEFO; Nomnaut; rafa.vb; Professional Loli Cuddler; Mitraild; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; AnderPR; Atombath; Yo