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You're next!

⇄ tradeable: A.R.M.; MangoTangoFox; Puph; [FR] Enata; FearLycan; 孙想钱; Psycho78; Nostalgias; AnderPR; zork; Lorenzo

No mercy!

⇄ tradeable: Sheepmatty; A.R.M.; Puph; [FR] Enata; FearLycan; 孙想钱; Psycho78; markx2; Nostalgias

Genocide Crusade

⇄ tradeable: khondor; MangoTangoFox; Archi; FearLycan; markx2; Lorenzo

Addiction to death and destruction

⇄ tradeable: Archi; Puph; [FR] Enata; lamer; Bowling4Kleers; Prejudgedkiller; AnderPR; zork; Lorenzo

They call me "death"...

⇄ tradeable: Sheepmatty; A.R.M.; khondor; Archi; 孙想钱; Psycho78; Nostalgias; AnderPR