The Yawhg

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Mr. Moss

⇄ tradeable: Caesar; Paster of Muppets; Thyrinea; Friday; Krakxx; FilthySouls; garvins; Robin Lionheart; JGonspy

Ms. Cerise

⇄ tradeable: Paster of Muppets; Alenonimo; Donny The Dealer; Wertyop70; Kamui; Twiste Minds

Mr. Aurum

⇄ tradeable: Paster of Muppets; Donny The Dealer; Wertyop70; Kamui; TheL0rd0fSpace; sonictj

Ms. Azure

⇄ tradeable: Kimchi Tea; Alenonimo; FilthySouls; Kamui; Twiste Minds; liquidrogue; Robin Lionheart


⇄ tradeable: Kimchi Tea; Alenonimo; Krakxx; FilthySouls; Twiste Minds; TheL0rd0fSpace; sonictj; garvins; Robin Lionheart


⇄ tradeable: Paster of Muppets; Krakxx; Twiste Minds; garvins