Guild of Dungeoneering

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Rubber Ducky

⇄ tradeable: Freddy; ThunderofZeus; EvilBlackSheep; Tobold

Orc Warlord

⇄ tradeable: ThunderofZeus; Starwhite


⇄ tradeable: ThunderofZeus; Mitraild; wickdlowki

Embro the Fire Lord

⇄ tradeable: Kazumi; EvilBlackSheep; Starwhite; Mitraild; Tobold

Cat Burglar

⇄ tradeable: Sheepmatty; Starwhite; Mitraild; Tobold


⇄ tradeable: Freddy; Starwhite; wickdlowki


⇄ tradeable: Freddy; EvilBlackSheep; wickdlowki

Most Holy Grail Knight

⇄ tradeable: Freddy; ThunderofZeus; Mitraild; wickdlowki