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Offers include short comments to make trading easier by answering questions, clarifing trades, and providing feedback. Although directed towards a trading partner, the comments are visible to everyone.

Comments should be relevant to the offer and respectful to the other party. Please report comments that are not. Once reported, the comment will appear in the pending queue. There are three actions:
no action, warning, removal.

Any signed in Barter user can report any comment by clicking the flag icon ⚑ next to a comment.


You are horrible.
Warning Neither relevant nor respectful. You should direct criticism at the offer, not the trader.

This is a horrible offer. Never going to trade an unbundled game for free shit.
No Action (borderline) Relevant, not not respectful. Warning if content is outweighed by expletives.

You're amazing! Click this link for a chance at a free gift card! spam.example/affID
Removal Respectful, but not relevant to the offer. Warning for repeated occurences.


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