Reported Comments

Short comments in offers should make trading easier by answering questions, clarifying trades, and providing feedback. Although directed towards a trading partner, the comments are visible to everyone.

Comments should be relevant to the offer and respectful to the other party. Please report comments that are not. Signed in user can report any comment by clicking the flag icon ⚑ next to a comment.

Once reported, the comment will appear in the pending queue. There are three actions: no action, warning, removal. The number of warnings for each user is displayed on the profile page. Users that accumulate many warnings temporarily lose their ability to comment on offers.


You are horrible.
Warning Neither relevant nor respectful. You should direct criticism at the offer, not the trader.

bs wtf? fy hahahahahaha
Warning (borderline) Unlikely relevant or respectful, especially if this is the first and only message.

This is a horrible offer because you're proposing crap giveaways for never been bundled games.
No Action (borderline) Relevant, but not respectful. Warning if content is outweighed by insults.

You proposed a free game that no one has wishlisted in exchange for a game that has never been bundled and is on 50% of wishlists. If you offer free games, please request only free games in return.
No Action Relevant criticism relating to the offer and clarifing why the recipient declined the offer.

You're amazing! Click this link for a chance at a free gift card! spam.example/affID
Removal Respectful, but not relevant to the offer. Warning for repeated occurrences.


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