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ToMaya105; 89; 0Steam Trades iconSteam icon🌐 ROW
Updated X whiteblack failed offer with Mio
  • X Mio failed offer with whiteblack
  • > Mio accepted offer from whiteblack
  • < whiteblack proposed offer to Mio
  • 🕗 Maya set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 whiteblack set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

whiteblack claimed I agreed to cancel

Maya claimed I agreed to cancel

  • avatar Mio, thank you for confirming. I set this offer to agreed to cancel.
  • avatar No exchange of keys was made, that is correct. The game was accidentally still on my tradeslist, but not available for trade.
  • avatar whiteblack, thank you for responding. You and Mio did not exchange any game keys. Mio, could you confirm this?
  • avatar yes, mio select wrong choice, we did not have this trade, could wait for his answer.
  • avatar Hi, I'll be the mediator for this dispute. Although Mio claimed that the key received was already used, the previous comment seems to indicate that this offer should have been cancelled. What happened?
  • avatar we did not trade why you said I received a key already used?
  • avatar ok, then just give up this deal
  • avatar I found I had already traded the key outside of, and didn’t update my tradeslist.
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