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avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

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  • avatar Polyutsiya, excuses for all the trouble. I removed your negative steam rep. I hope you will do the same. Have a nice day
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. I've contacted both sides on Steam.
  • avatar Sure that just makes so much more sense I have soo much spare keys for the games in my wishlist and I scam everyone /s
  • avatar Again, be careful, if there is no evidence against it, it will just take the key and block you.
  • avatar He realized that I have evidence, and now he is trying to justify myself. At the expense of your picture, it's not a fact that this is my key. Maybe you had another one like that, and you just activated on account to another account or gave it to someone.
  • avatar
  • avatar Better picture of the proof I didn't activate it before he resent me the key. (Excuse vulgar language, I wasn't ready to deal with his BS after a long day of work)
  • avatar Stop calling me a deceiver you got your key now leave me be.
  • avatar I’m done talking to this person. I have provided prove I didn’t activate the game earlier because I didn’t get the earlier part of the conversation on my pc.
  • avatar
  • avatar you can see for yourself
  • avatar After presenting the proof, he began to insult and block. Again, it proves that a person is dishonest! Be careful!
  • avatar So, I'm not advising you to contact this person, he is trying to deceive
  • avatar It can be seen that the key was expelled and this person is a deceiver! He took off a snippet of dialogue!
  • avatar this is prove
  • avatar Will leave the previous messages in tact, he sent me a key after all and we completed the trade but I'll be sure to never trade this person again.
  • avatar Here is the rest of the conversation DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS PERSON
  • avatar I sent the key for Prime World, however I never was able to activate the key he sent because it was an offline message and I lost it. Refuses to resent I will post the rest of the conversation here
  • avatar Above is the key I sent, but he cut it off.
  • avatar This man got the key. But I did not see his key. In this file, an incomplete dialog.
  • avatar Steam conversation
  • avatar Other party decided he wanted to change my game to something else. Something I refused, I didn't activate his game even though he had already sent it.
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