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Updated AcidFluxMx completed offer with rusoo7 ( Countered Offer )
  • X rusoo7 failed offer with AcidFluxMx
  • 🕗 rusoo7 extended the expiration by 8 days
  • > rusoo7 accepted offer from AcidFluxMx
  • < AcidFluxMx proposed offer to rusoo7
  • 🕗 rusoo7 set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 AcidFluxMx set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

AcidFluxMx claimed ...

rusoo7 claimed ...

  • avatar Thank you for resolving this dispute between the two of you. I changed the offer status from failed to completed on rusoo7's side.
  • avatar I have panicked and overreacted, i will fix this trade
  • avatar As simple as you can all read the chat he posted and see I have been busy at work so couldn't login for 1 day as I clearly stated there. rusoo7 is in panic mode. He just needs to take control of his emotions to think clearly and reply to me via chat so we can fix this in a civilized way with both ends cooperation :)
  • avatar Smooth trading folks!!!
  • avatar For the record, the key i received is a DUP, still waiting on response!
  • avatar Would you mind adding this cheapie Tier $1 game? :)
  • avatar 🗩 Overview Don't forget you can also offer CS:GO, TF2 & PUBG Keys for AAA Unbundled Games (especially new releases) ^^ Counteroffers also welcome!
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