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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

stubar claimed I agreed to cancel

steenbreker claimed other party abandoned offer

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X steenbreker failed offer with stubar ( Countered )
  • X stubar failed offer with steenbreker
  • > steenbreker accepted offer from stubar
  • < stubar proposed offer to steenbreker
  • 🕗 steenbreker set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 stubar set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar steenbreker, traders will be especially suspicious of you do based upon your Steamtrades rep. stubar, as we saw, Steam "blocking" is a shadow block, ensure the other side knows your aren't going to trade before blocking (I hope will be rare).
  • avatar thank you for reviewing this offer.
  • avatar Most importantly, steenbreker redeemed the key in a second account. In my opinion, this negates "sent item" half of "sent item, received nothing."
  • I changed the failed reason from "sent item, received nothing" to "abandoned." steenbreker disagrees with this change. I believe that steenbreker did send a key in Steam chat, but I also believe that stubar never saw it.
  • avatar think what you want.
  • avatar nor I you, that's why i blocked you. no one likes a bully.
  • avatar The remainder decides the chief. I do not want to have anything to do with you. I lost a unbundled high demand Game for an maybe elsewhere successful trade.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • avatar Lost lost indirectly a key in this way, because your forced condition was that I start. The right foundation to me "I sent item, but received nothing". I was not clear to me what you do with my already pasted keycode.
  • 2 seconds? You wrote (maybe directly) "to cancel the trade " until my keycode I've left. ... I do not discuss further. You're just biased. 2:1, u r not able to start with a heavy low rep, laughable.
  • avatar at the time i was concerned that the account i was speaking to had been compromised and i was trying to be scammed myself. i am not saying you were trying to scam me but the behaviour seemed off. that's why i blocked you before recieving any key.
  • avatar I have made a fair offer. I have shown you many of the same successful transactions. I got more than 25 keycodes of Call of Duty: World at War. Ridiculous, needless to be personal.
  • avatar it takes <2 seconds to redeem a key. if i was a scammer and received it you think i wouldn't have been able to redeem it in <2 seconds? i blocked you due to your aggression and never received anything from you.
  • avatar text how much you can ... It does not change anything to your attitude towards me. You're just biased, nothing more. It your luck that I have redeemed that key in my collecting 2nd acount for "maybe" dubs or something else keys. I maybe was only faster than you.
  • avatar i did raise this immediately with one of the moderators who i can name in PM.
  • it would be good to have this failed trade removed from my profile since i am an honest trader and there is evidence that i have not redeemed any key.
  • i am glad that steenbrekker has said that he has redeemed the key himself as this is proof that i didnt redeem the key, and if i was a scammer I'm sure i would've redeemed it as soon as it was sent...
  • i blocked steenbrekker in steam chat before he sent any key. so if he did actually send a key it didnt show in my chat as i had blocked him. it would be doubtful that he sent the key with the way he was behaving though.
  • it is true that i insisted on Stenbrekker to go first as his instant aggression meant i distrusted him. i almost always go first on trades on as i have never detected any cause for concern except for this trade.
  • bully other members. i want nothing to do with someone of this character.
  • i received no key and as steenbreker became aggressive i blocked him as i didn't want to receive any further aggression. no key was either sent to me nor redeemed by me. i've spoke with other members in and they've confirmed this user tries...
  • avatar ... Irrespective of the fact that he had not given up. Justly "sent item, but received nothing". My view: The Key was known for him. So I had to act quickly not to lose completely a game.
  • ?? ... First he persists, I have to go first ... he don't want send the first on (then my keycode and then his last) ... It's a loss to me because I could not offer the key anywhere else! He disappeared immediately.
  • avatar OK, thank you steenbreker for describing what happened. I believe that although you lost the ability to trade the game when you redeemed the game in your second account, it would be more accurate to describe this as Failed: abandoned.
  • avatar Yes. I quickly activated the key in a 2nd Account after he disappeared. I wanted to make sure he did not get the game for nothing. Nevertheless a loss for me.
  • avatar steenbreker, you sent the game key code to stubar in Steam chat? Do you know if the key was redeemed? What do you mean by "I have it forcibly secured to a 2nd account."?
  • avatar I have no proofs anymore. After he insisted to go first, he disappeared after I left my keycode. I have it forcibly secured to a 2nd account. I lost one keycode maybe for another alternative trade. Is a lesson to me.
  • avatar Although it's been over two months since this dispute, I'll be the mediator. What happened? Were any keys exchanged?
  • avatar you didn't send any key so i have no idea how i can be a scammer. you are only person i have had to ignore in this site. sad :(
  • I've checked in your steam rep profile, loads of people say you try and bully traders (i should've read this first.. lesson learned for me)
  • avatar What? You are a SCAMMER !!! He always argued that I should send my key first. Nothing returns. A fucking Scammer !
  • avatar don't trust this guy. tried to trick me for my key and then created failed and disputed after i said we should cancel the trade
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