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Updated X Issus failed offer with Trilyan
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Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar brake [Buying Cards] volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Issus claimed I agreed to cancel

Trilyan claimed I agreed to cancel

  • avatar Does that mean I can lose my red 1? xD
  • avatar Trilyan explained they both agreed to cancel, but that at the time he did not understand how to corectly mark the offer. He is not looking for any reimburcement from Issus
  • avatar hey there, I'm pretty sure that we agreed on a different trade, so no worries there. Barter, can we cancel this one?
  • avatar I'm pretty generous when it comes to compensating for a used key but try a little bit to keep it within reason. You can of course get something of a higher value than the originally traded game though.
  • avatar Obviously I must have made some kind of mistake/overlooked this trade. Always wondered why/how I managed to get that red 1 but couldn't remember doing the trade in question. Anyways. Help yourself to a game you would like.
  • avatar You're more than welcome to select another game instead of Super Hexagon. I honestly had no idea there had been an issue with this trade as there was no communication from Trilyan about the trade going wrong.
  • avatar Adding you both on Steam to talk about
  • avatar 🗩 Overview Counter offers are encouraged if you don't like my offers.
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