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⚠ Warning! ReDiR has 8 unresolved disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games.

< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

xoxmodav claimed I sent item, but received a region locked key

ReDiR claimed ...

avatar ellipsism volunteered to mediate this dispute. volunteered to mediate offer ( Countered )
  • X xoxmodav failed (region lock) offer with ReDiR
  • ReDiR completed offer with xoxmodav
  • 🕗 xoxmodav extended the expiration by 8 days
  • > ReDiR accepted offer from xoxmodav
  • < xoxmodav proposed offer to ReDiR
  • 🕗 ReDiR set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 xoxmodav set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar http s:// http s://
  • There is a certain likelihood that he is engaged in a similar deception of other users, claiming that their keys were supposedly inoperative, but in fact activates them for himself or his friends:
  • - http s:// . To the question - how to understand this, he replied - that this is essentially my problem, and not his. And he refused to compensate for the second key received by deceit - http s:// .
  • But, immediately contacting Steam technical support, I received a response that my first key to the game State of Mind was activated exactly 4 minutes (translated from Pacific time) before his message sent to me that the key was not working -
  • He also tricked me from receiving two keys to the game State of Mind, saying that the first key that I gave him was inoperative. After that I had to give him a second key to this game.
  • At the same time, he tried to put all the blame for this solely on me. As a result, I had to independently change with another user his ROW-key with regional restrictions on the CIS-key.
  • He did this already after he received and activated all my game keys, and in his own file with the keys he saw that the games have regional restrictions, after which he already informed me about it.
  • Yes, but the user ReDiR did not initially indicate when adding the game to that his key has some limitations. He also did not report this when he agreed to an exchange.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. What happened? There should be 3 version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War from Humble Bundle: CIS, LATAM, ROW.
  • avatar wtf? add me in steam for keys exchange
  • add me in steam for keys exchange
  • - Most of my exchange games are keys, Gift links and Steam gifts are marked separately.
    - If you think that the offer is unequal - make a counter offer of exchange.
    - If you have questions about the exchange - just add me to Steam and ask them. Overview
xoxmodav will send 3 of these tradables

in exchange for

ReDiR will send 1 of these tradables

⚠ Warning! ReDiR has 8 unresolved disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games. Disputed offers are rare, but to reduce your chances of losing games in this trade, be cautious.

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