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Updated X bledcarrot failed offer with Kitt Walker
  • X Kitt Walker failed offer with bledcarrot
  • > Kitt Walker accepted offer from bledcarrot
  • < bledcarrot proposed offer to Kitt Walker
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Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

bledcarrot claimed ...

Kitt Walker claimed ...

  • avatar I do see the +rep on both of your profile pages. Therefore, I will change this offer to completed.
  • avatar We completed the left feedback on my Steam comments with +rep
  • avatar Hello, I don't know if you remember but this was marked as failed because I took some time to see your Steam message.
  • avatar Hi, I will be the mediator for this dispute. Kitt Walker claimed to have sent "Eisenwald: Blood of November" to bledcarrot, but did not receive "Victon Vran" in return. Is this accurate?
  • avatar Please feel free to counter offer, I'm looking to offload all my spare keys and will consider all offers. 💬 Overview
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