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Tximista claimed ...

-๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- claimed ...

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- failed offer with Tximista
  • X Tximista failed offer with -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-
  • X Tximista failed offer with -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-
  • > -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- accepted offer from Tximista
  • < Tximista proposed offer to -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-
  • 🕗 -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Tximista set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar ok and thank you sir
  • avatar I set the offer to "agreed to cancel." Please use the store tag to identify keys that came from CDKeys. If someone complains that a key is a duplicate, before sending another, explain the procedures for requesting a refund from CDKey.
  • avatar OMG !!! no comment .
  • avatar is imposible, you picks not demostrate any. your pick 3, you not watch wat key activate you and after failed. you can use other key used, and photo. Sorry my english limited all i want say. But is imposible
  • avatar i cant give him another key without proving to me that the old keys are duplicated ,I can't believe him
  • I did the trade with this guy, I activated his key but he told me that my 3 keys are duplicates
  • explain me plz ?
  • I didn't understand your message, you sent me the key of "sparkle 3" for what exactly, and also I already have the game on my library
  • avatar I sent Sparkle 3 Genesis key to -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-. What I ask in return is that you tag any keys you received from cdkeys with the new "" store tag and encourage others on Barter to do so. This will allow me to detect if this happens again.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • I think he does not know how to prove it to me, I just need screenshot of his library + my key , and message duplication. If like that I do, for refund when I have a duplicate key.
  • avatar I delete -rep. you same and we finished.
  • i say you is game 0,05 cent. for me not question. for you key. i agree retire -rep, and finish this question. but we not more traits.
  • avatar -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- do you still want Sparkle 3 Genesis?
  • avatar That's what I think. I advise him not to buy again there,at least not for trade keys. The question is that he believes more in cdkeys
  • avatar Both of those games are tagged as given away, which often leads to problems with the game keys later. So while it seem unlikely three keys would be duplicates, given the games and the source, it may be more likely.
  • Tximista, you attempted to activate Slipstream 5000 and Yelaxot? I don't see either games in your account now. While that isn't absolute proof, I think we should assume that the problem is with not with either of you.
  • avatar he can -rep me, i not have problem. he think i lie. i not rec vids when i receive and active keys. How i can give him tests
  • avatar If acquiring keys from a site like cdkeys, it's possible the problem is with that store. Both of these games are common on Barter. You both have plenty of successfully completed offer. Could you please delay -rep until we attempt to resolve the dispute?
  • avatar everything he wants another key, and he does not want to prove that my keys are all duplicated!!!!? and sir I'm not stupid to believe you after 3 key duplicate
  • the discussion is closed for me with this guy , because his not want to give me a proof and also he gave me "-Rep" on steamtrade. I dont mean that but this guy is a deceiver. and I suppressed it from my list of friends on steam.
  • avatar he say he give me two keys slipstream 5000. And one yexalot. All duplicate product code.
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  • avatar Hi, I saw this disputed offer and I'll be the mediator. -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- you gave Tximista three different keys? Tximista, all of those keys gave you "Duplicate Product Code" errors? Is that an accurate summary?
  • avatar i say you in steam, i go to eat dinner
  • avatar you dont want? !!!!!!! and I am still waiting for you, no answer on steam !!!!!
  • Traduire I gave you the 1st key you told me it duplicates, I said np, the 2nd key also duplicated, I said maybe, and well there the 3rd key duplicated it is not possible stooop !!!! I told you to given me the proof that they are all duplicated
  • he bro I told you on steam to give me proof that my 3 keys are duplicate and you refuse, I do nt know why you not want
  • avatar He gave me 3 duplicate keys, and thinks I'm lying. Failed.
  • You give me 3 keys duplicates. Say me if you go give me one key work good . O we push failed and finish
  • in steam chat gifted you key
  • counter if you accept change other game Overview

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