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X Tximista failed offer with YinYangYolo ( Countered )
  • X YinYangYolo failed offer with Tximista
  • > YinYangYolo accepted offer from Tximista
  • < Tximista proposed offer to YinYangYolo
  • 🕗 YinYangYolo set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Tximista set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I've set the offer to completed.
  • avatar "...since I had not used his key" - dude, this is the internet, of course i don't take back a key i already sent. and don't bother sending me another 'card-less game', i'm not interested.
  • avatar Sorry for lost your time barter, and thanks
  • I think I try to take advantage of my mistake to get a combined game. I'm willing to give him a key for a game, to give him 4 games, but I'll make sure he does not have any cards. I agree to let the matter rest as it is and call it a completed trade
  • (my mistake, I barely noted the key on my list, I do not mind giving him another individual key, but he was obsessed with why they were not so evil and why so evil 2). He can look at steam, how many active games with my key.
  • It is true that I finally gave him a key with 4 games. But he accepted before he knew that 4 games had the key. The key command of the second game, until I sent my key where I put that games included. It's true that after that key I only had 3 games (my m
  • What annoys me is that we barely exchange word and dispute. He said he was not interested in giveways, but my combined key was giveway, and I did not accept any other key at the beginning to replace it or cancel the change, since I had not used his key. I
  • avatar thank you for your time
  • i agree to let the matter rest as it is and call it a "completed trade", because my fulfillment rate (which has dropped from 100% to 85% because of this) is more important to me than the few cents i lost.
  • what's bothering me is the withdrawal of an agreed deal (or at least the attempt) that has been offered multiple times and the inaccuracy of the combined-key's contend, whatever the cause may be.
  • Tximista told me that their key would contain - Brilliant Bob, Why so Evil 1&2 and They came from the Moon - but i only got - br.bob, moon (and possibly Fiends of Imprisonment, which i already had in my library; so i can't confirm that).
  • the initial deal was They came from the moon for my Cubic complex. i sent my key first. then, my trading partner wanted to alter the deal, by offering me something else. i disagreed and offered another game on top of the already sent one, in goodwill.
  • avatar Based on the screencap, YinYangYolo sent Cubic Complex and Sinister City expecting 4 games including Why So Evil 1+2, but did not receive those games when activating the key. Instead received 3 games. Is this accurate?
  • avatar YES, i activate, but in other account.
  • avatar says to be forced to activate the key. 30 minutes later still hasn't done so... just saying.
  • right, sorry about that. well i am a person who takes responsibility for his mistakes. another copy of cubic complex has been sent to you.
  • avatar SAME THAT yinyangyolo. can cancell. He put the jpg, Do not activate the key yet cubic complex. i like for friend, but now forced to activate
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