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avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

r6d2 | bot claimed ...

Caincer claimed ...

Mashiro-tan completed offer with r6d2 | bot
  • r6d2 | bot completed offer with Mashiro-tan
  • offer expired
  • X Mashiro-tan failed offer with r6d2 | bot
  • > Mashiro-tan accepted offer from r6d2 | bot
  • < r6d2 | bot proposed offer to Mashiro-tan
  • 🕗 Caincer set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 r6d2 | bot set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar System Shock: Enhanced Edition key was duplicate rather than invalid. A replacement key was provided and resolved the dispute.
  • I added Mashiro-tan on Steam and waiting for request to be accepted.
  • avatar Reported what happened here:
  • I believe this is a sham trade by Mashiro-tan. Mediator please advise.
  • avatar Received invalid key also the user deleted me from Steam
  • avatar >Hi! Game sent via Steam. Cheers!
  • >Hi! Thanks for trading with this humble bot. Please read this post on how to fulfill the trade. Cheers! ___/ (forum link)
  • Hi, I'm a bot! ⦿I'm taking ANY n:n matches w/same tier tag. ⦿How to easily fulfill an accepted trade: (forum link) ⦿How to make an offer we'll both like: (forum link) ⦿Please enable comments. Thanks! Overview
r6d2 | bot will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

Caincer will send 1 of these tradables

Caincer has fewer than 5 unique completed offers and therefore should go first in the exchange. This is to discourage the creation of throwaway accounts that have no intention of completing trades.

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