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Updated X PrinzVonBillAir failed offer with Metalharpey
  • X Metalharpey failed offer with PrinzVonBillAir
  • > PrinzVonBillAir accepted offer from Metalharpey
  • < Metalharpey proposed offer to PrinzVonBillAir
  • 🕗 PrinzVonBillAir set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Metalharpey set proposed offer to expire
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Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Metalharpey claimed other party abandoned offer

PrinzVonBillAir claimed other party abandoned offer

  • avatar Actually I have no idea what the "right reason" would be but "disagreed to continue" would be pretty accurate indeed. You can set it to whatever you prefer though as long as both negative reps are handled the same way.
  • avatar I've seen similar situations in other disputes. Rather than "agreed to cancel" it was closer to "disagreed to continue." What would you recommend for the failed reason?
  • avatar However, both reasons as they are now are certainly not the right ones either since no keys have been exchanged at all.
  • avatar As for the "right barter reason" for the failed offer, I don't think there is one. We both couldn't agree on the terms of this trade to who goes first. Then couple minutes after I refused to go first since I have WAY more rep on any platform the other user gave me negative rep.
  • avatar More here:
  • avatar No keys have been exchanged, the other user even lied to the whole community in the discussion on the forums and said (s)he didn't give me negative feedback at all in this trade.
  • avatar Hi, based upon the chat log posted by PrinzVonBillAir, I assume that no exchange of keys took place. If this is what happened, neither reason for failure is accurate. Would "abandoned" be accurate?
  • avatar right so youre gonna keep smitting me or what
  • avatar Save your time and DON'T trade with that guy, more info in the comments of this non-trade!!!
  • avatar thanks for that screenshot, saves me time as well.
  • avatar
  • avatar Proof screenshot:
  • avatar User needed 3 days to even react to any message and then wanted me to go first even though I have over 300 rep on steamtrades with no negative while he has only 8 rep on steamtrades. Save your time and DON'T trade with that guy!!!
  • avatar 🗩 Overview I had no idea Barter was back on ^^'' If I'm not responding, msg me on my steam profile!
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