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player avatar El Eternauta

🕵 Pending Review 13 months ago


avatarEl Eternauta
701; 474; 1 Dispute
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avatargod mortal
164; 78; 0
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< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

El Eternauta claimed ...

god mortal claimed I sent item, but received an already used key

X god mortal failed (key already used) offer with El Eternauta ( countered ✉ )
  • El Eternauta completed offer with god mortal
  • > god mortal accepted offer from El Eternauta
  • < El Eternauta proposed offer to god mortal
  • 🕗 god mortal set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 El Eternauta set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar The trade was head shot for commandos. If my key was duplicate I can send you another one of the same game. But only if the moderator removed the penalty you put on my profile.
  • What do you mean "if the two are duplicated"???? I cannot understand what you write
  • I don't understand why you marked the trade as "dispute" . We could have resolved this friendly but you are so aggressive.. it is a shame
  • avatar you exchange in another game more if the two are duplicated I will want this virus named tone
  • this dispute will not give anything you activated my key and then you say that my account and fake
  • avatar I don't understand why you marked the trade as "dispute" . We could have resolved this friendly but you are so aggressive.. it is a shame
  • By the way all this conversation is steam was made in a different account NOT in the account god mortal".
  • Despite your unreliable answer I offered you to send you the same key if you give me a few days to find one . You replied "VIRUS named Tom or dispute"!!!!
  • I had warned you in advance. I asked you NOT to send me yours before you text mine. You wrote to me "your key good"
  • avatar this account is not fake You activated my key on the 23rd and then I tested your key and it was duplicate
  • this account is not fake I tested your key 2 days later your key has been duplicated
  • avatar But certainly not under threats or blackmailing me. All out steam chat has been recorded and can be provided to the moderator.
  • ...confirm because of godmortal's irrational and suspicious behaviour I will gladly provide a second key of the same game we agreed
  • ...if requested by the moderator. I truly believe that this behaviour is totally against the ethos of this community and should by revised. I also believe that my negative.rating should be removed. If the key I sent was indeed dupe (which I cannot
  • ...contrast blackmailed me asking for a different game or "dispute". Unacceptable behaviour. By the way gof mortal is a fake profile. All this discussion was made with his more relevant profile which I will post here
  • ...said .y key was good". I therefore proceeded with activating the key. One week later he cones back claiming my key was dupe. I humbly replied that this was too confusing and I asked for some time to provide a seco d key of the same game. God mortal by
  • The behaviour of thus user is unacceptable. As clearly shown I the history of this trade I had marked my key as "already used?" Additiknally I had asked God mortal to try my key FIRST. In our steam chat discussion (of which i have detailed snapshots) he
  • Your friend list is full !!!
  • Hi . Please if you accept let me go FIRST. I am not sure whether my key will work ! Ty
El Eternauta will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

god mortal will send 1 of these tradables

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