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Yeezy claimed I agreed to cancel

PaDy claimed I agreed to cancel

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X PaDy failed offer with Yeezy
  • X Yeezy failed offer with PaDy
  • > PaDy accepted offer from Yeezy
  • < Yeezy proposed offer to PaDy
  • 🕗 PaDy set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Yeezy set proposed offer to expire
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  • avatar PaDy just messaged me a new key from HumbleBundle but it was also region locked so it seems humble may not be able to help.
  • avatar Has there been an update from Humble Bundle?
  • avatar Yeah that's exactly what happened and I never sent Ashes since ryse didn't work
  • avatar To summarize, PaDy received the SUPERHOT key (activated it?) and Yeezy received Ryse: Son of Rome, but could no activate it due to region lock. Yes? Yeezy, did you send Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation or were you waiting until Ryse worked?
  • I don't think Humble would change a region lock. There is no warning about Dark Souls II in the current bundle. However, when I generated a gift link, there was a popup warning stating those in JP couldn't active it.
  • avatar So do we now just wait for humble to respond?
  • avatar This is a Humble Bundle issue. I do not see any warning on the bundle page about the region restrictions. However, I do not know if their support would do anything to fix it.
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  • avatar I sent Ryse from the Humble Monthly. Key
  • avatar PaDy, you sent SUPERHOT from the Humble Monthly and it was region locked? Was this a key or a Humble gift link?
  • avatar because you gave me a region locked key and told me to wait for humble support when thats not my problem
  • avatar I said you about going request for this problem in Humble support.
  • Why you failed offer before 40 hours his expire?
  • avatar Gave Superhot code, recieved region locked key, goes offline without working anything out
  • Feel free to send me any offers or counter offers you may have. Overview
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