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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

The Trader claimed ...

Pægan claimed ...

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Pægan failed offer with The Trader
  • The Trader completed offer with Pægan
  • > Pægan accepted offer from The Trader
  • < The Trader proposed offer to Pægan
  • 🕗 Pægan set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 The Trader set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Thanks for the help !
  • avatar Thank you both for resolving this dispute. I changed the status to completed.
  • avatar I received the gift link. The trade has been completed.
  • avatar well .... I found the keys and i sent him the trade link ... lets see what happens
  • I'll try adding him again and see if he wants to complete the trade
  • avatar I'll assume the keys are unused and change this offer to abandoned. If you're able to complete the exchange, I'll change it to completed. I'll leave this dispute open until I hear an update from either side.
  • avatar I am willing to complete the trade to resolve things because the games he offered are on my wishlist and they are not on my account at all. I should have checked my mobile client because that logs chat a lot better than the desktop version.
  • Considering all the rep I have and all the trades I've done over the years that is a bold claim to make. I honestly did not recieve any games and I cancelled because we kept having problems being online at the same time.
  • avatar I tried to add him and on the third time i tried, he accepted me. Saying that he changed his mind about the trade. I told him that i already sent my steam games and he deleted me again. This person isn't trustworthy.
  • I trusted this person and complete the trade to avoid it expire. I sent my steam games and later he cancelled the trade and deleted me from his friend list.
  • avatar while I do feel like I'm being held ransom somewhat, if just to quickly resolve the whole thing then yes I would.
  • avatar Pægan, if you received the keys now, would you proceed with the exchange?
  • avatar If games were sent I never saw them. I admit my online consistency is spotty but I never saw any keys sent. It is possible the keys were sent and I didn't see them but as you can see on my account I do not have any of these games activated.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator. The Trader provided a screenshot showing three games sent. I will avoid posting it because it displays the keys. Pægan claims to have cancelled this offer and therefore not obligated to the exchange. Is this an accurate summary?
  • avatar well this is interesting. I never claimed anything was sent by either party. Neither of us sent anything.
  • avatar I only do trades for HB gift links. Please decline if you don't have.
  • I ONLY ACCEPT GIFT LINKS. Check my tradables stock, If I have only one game and it is on pending trade, please decline offer. Also my games are correctly tagged as keys or gift links. Overview
The Trader will send 3 of these tradables

in exchange for

Pægan will send 1 of these tradables

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