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From Ray2332135; 85; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon🌐 ROW
ToπŸ“ Lilly (πŸŒΊβ— β€Ώβ— )389; 262; 0Steam Trades iconDiscordSteam icon🌐 ROW
Updated πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— ) completed offer with Ray
  • Ray completed offer with πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— )
  • > πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— ) accepted offer from Ray
  • < Ray proposed offer to πŸ’ Lilly (πŸŒΈβ— β€Ώβ— )
  • 🕗 πŸ“ Lilly (πŸŒΊβ— β€Ώβ— ) set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Ray2332 set proposed offer to expire
< Proposed
> Accepted
  • avatar Not going to have this title long. New release and no one else on barter has it tradeable (AFAIK). Offering to trade with just a few users. Thanks!
  • avatar 🗩 Overview Some of my new releases are pre-release or early access titles that activate as "beta" or "alpha" versions, depending on their development state. Please be aware that they are Full Versions of the game and will remain in your steam library when released.
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