Event: Carl's Extravaganza State of Decay 2 (Windows Store), Shaq Fu, Thief of Thieves in 16 hours

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  • avatar I reset the offer to Accepted
  • avatar we agreed to https://barter.vg/u/3026/o/1962681. the deal can be closed.
  • avatar situations can be different. and if we started the exchange. it makes sense to finish it
  • avatar I'm not talking about you. I had another question. about another exchange in the future. and another dishonest trader. he asked me the key gave? I will say yes. and I can not prove anything here. you know what I mean?
  • avatar You could take a look at my reputation, then you will see that i'm a trustful trader. I'm trading for many years now, without ever having a real problem or dispute.
  • avatar Great. I have one question. suppose. in 6 months. or a year. I'll give this key. but the trader will not be honest. activates the game on another account. who will be guilty in this situation?
  • avatar thinks that he has lost something which is not true.
  • avatar Then i tried to find another key for the version of the game he wants but it's nearly impossible since that version is removed from the store, So i set the trade to failed and then he started the dispute because he somehow
  • avatar insisted that i have to compensate his lost, although he did not loose anything. You can take a look at my steam profile (it's public) and the you will see that i don't have his game added to my library.
  • avatar not use/try his key yet. I told him: 'Sorry but then the trade is failed, you lost nothing and so there is no real problem'. But he ins
  • avatar ths steam store and then later restocked at the store. And he anted the key for teh removed version of the game which i didn't know/see when i accepted the trade. Because of my trading experiences i always let the other side first try my keys. So i did
  • avatar Hi, he sent me a trade offer which i accepted. We both changed the keys for the games and then he told me that i have sent key for the wrong game. He is half right. The key i sent is for the same game, but the game was at some time removed from
  • avatar Hi, I am the mediator for this dispute. What happened?
  • avatar 🗩 Overview Fully open to counter-offers
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