Event: Carl's Extravaganza State of Decay 2 (Windows Store), Shaq Fu, Thief of Thieves in 16 hours

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76561198168375360 claimed what was offered or what I received was not as described

-=LOGO$=- claimed ...

  • avatar I modified the offer to reflect the exchange that occurred
  • avatar XDarkOr was expecting a beta key for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms rather than a key for the DLC. Since it is a F2P game, it seems to be a pointless distinction. However, there is a difference for collecting.
  • avatar sent https://barter.vg/i/59037, why? still waiting on you - https://barter.vg/i/36832/
  • avatar 🗩 Overview Fully open to counter-offers
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