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  • avatar now. when did you delete my game from your library?
  • why did you unfriend me? I can't see your games, they won't load. bring me back
  • avatar No, you are so far away from right. You are wrong. And are you even blind now? The game is not on my account anymore. Check for yourself. it even shows here as removed or revoked. Believe what you want. You are the fool here. Good bye.
  • avatar total: you cannot provide the key to me, you are afraid that I will know the activation date. You cannot tell the date of removing the game from the library, you are afraid I will find out that my game is on your account. I'm right?
  • you do not say how and when removed the game from your account?
  • avatar A proof that i deleted it. Its not in my account anymore. i dont get what other proof you need. Leave me alone, you seem a little on edge and i just dont want to respond to you anymore.
  • avatar the game didn't go away, you had to delete it. what date did you delete it? and where's the proof that you deleted it?
  • avatar And why is that? I mean the dispute is resolved, the game is gone. I just dont get what you are trying to achieve?
  • avatar Of course it matters. You have removed the full version from your account. I need to know the number when this happened.
  • avatar I asked why you want to know? And does that really matter. I mean its gone.
  • avatar when did you delete my game from your library?
  • avatar why do you ask?
  • ?
  • avatar and so. when did you remove the full version from your library? what date was that?
  • avatar Just keep talking about yourself.
  • avatar What can such an insignificant coward like you talk about? You have been notified that the key is press. Or do you not know how to google?
  • Or don't you know how to read? Wait, it’s not long, soon I will find out everything and the whole world will know how low you are.
  • avatar And maybe you should think about your conscience, before you talk to me about something like that. Once again i am done here. Told you that the email is deleted, and i dont even know why i am talking to you anymore. Its pointless.
  • And like Pan Dimensional Being, i have the right to contact the developer if something seems suspicious to me. And you seemed very suspicious to me. And see there i was right about you. "Surprise". Just keep up with your charade,
  • XDarkOr i dont know what you even want. You scammed me and tell me about lying, that i am a coward now too. I mean you dont even get that you did something wrong and still try to turn the table. All i see here is that you try to put that all on me.
  • avatar DarkBorn you're a coward. you cannot give your key because you are afraid. you could give the key right away and not bring this situation to this. you could tell me the truth that you saved the developer key.
  • but you decided to go the other way. You decided to turn on the fool, pretending that you do not know what the press key is.
  • Further, you as a real informer went to the developer. You asked him for commonplace things that you knew about. then you hid your key because you are a liar. how do you have the conscience to speak with me?
  • avatar I am sure you wouldnt just call me all that if we sat next to each other. I dont get it. Does that give you anything to keep calling someone all this rude things? Is that making you feel better about yourself? And it seems you dont know the meaning of some of these words you are using either. So you dont make sense.
  • You know XDarkOr you are the one who is pathetic here. i dont know why but to me it seems like you you are the one being afraid, calling me names here because you are sitting on a screen and not face to face with me.
  • avatar I've messaged the site owner about this dispute. Looks like he hasn't been on in a while, but feel free to try and talk to him about this. I know you're mad that the dev wants to help DarkBorn but that's no reason to hold it against him.
  • avatar Pan will pass the key to the administrator of this site. and we will decide everything with him.
  • because you are a snitch and a liar. You know that I will find out that the game in your library is still mine.
  • You took the key from the developer but you did not delete my game. You are pathetic. you are a liar and a snitch. you are afraid and therefore deleted the letter.
  • avatar You dont even seem to know what snitch means. All you are good at is insults and thats about it. The email is gone why dont you get that.
  • avatar I'm waiting for a developer key. After that I will find out the activation date and the place of activation of the key. after that you yourself will understand everything. you cover a liar, a crook and a snitch. which means you yourself are the same.
  • avatar You scammed a developer out of a key by agreeing to test it. I am not helping the scammer, because I am not helping you. You messed up. You got caught. You get nothing. DarkBorn was suspicious and spoke to the dev. He was right to. He did nothing wrong.
  • avatar Why are you helping a scammer?
  • Pan. It's not about me and my keys, it's about him. It was he who waited for the release and sat with my game. I'm not going to argue with you. I'm just saying that in this case you are wrong. You withhold evidence proving that he is a fraud.
  • "with a key you agreed not to trade" where is it written? When did I agree about this?
  • avatar And now you want another key? No. That is not how it works. resolved does not mean both parties are happy. DarkBorn received an invalid key and sent nothing in return. Trade over. Feel free to talk to if you like.
  • You tried to scam him with a key you agreed not to trade. Per the actual developer who gave you the key, you had agreed to use it yourself. I try not to say this publicly, but you scammed a key from a dev under the pretense of helping test the game.
  • avatar "i deleted the email" and you are a skilled fraudster. you know that this key will take you to clean water)
  • Pan. you didn’t resolve the argument, but you made everything worse. I’m waiting for a key from you, after that I’ll talk with the administrator of this site about your candidacy in resolving disputes.
  • I need the key the developer gave him. it's not about what key I gave him. and what he received and when received.
  • avatar Though I can't imagine they are very happy with you since you attempted to trade the last key against their wishes. Your key was invalid. The dispute lies on you for trading a key that should not be traded.
  • There is no reason for you to get the key. You were not supposed to trade your key according to the dev so you just lose that press key. That's on you for trying to trade it when you were supposed to use it. If you want another talk to the dev.
  • avatar I just noticed that this is still going on. By the way XDarkOr, after i send the proof of the developers email to Pan Dimensional Being and the dispute was resolved i deleted the email. I mean no point keeping it after the key was activated.
  • avatar it's not for you to decide. Until I see the key, the dispute is not over. You can play along with the trader for a long time. but until I see the key everything will look so that you are for one with it.
  • avatar You're not making sense. Anything he gets from the dev has nothing to do with you.
  • avatar once again repeat. this key was to the full game. the trader has been notified that this is the press key. moreover - at the time of release, he left the game in the library. now, to tell you what happened,
  • I need the key he got from the developer. Is there a problem? the key is activated, I will not be able to reactivate it, what are you afraid of?
  • avatar What matters here is that the key you had was not meant to be traded and was therefore not valid so this trade is cancelled. If you want another key feel free to ask the dev. He even offered me a key when I asked him about all this, but I refused.
  • If the dev is nice and offers him a free key for his troubles that has nothing to do with his attempted trade with you.
  • What the dev gives him is between him and the dev. If you want to take that up with the dev feel free. It has nothing to do with this trade and he isn't obligated to show you anything.
  • avatar One more time. I need the key the developer gave him. to check everything.
  • avatar The dev told him that he could have a copy of the game "for his trouble dealing with an invalid trade". If you want to talk to the dev about it feel free. the issue is that the key you had was not meant to be traded. At all.
  • avatar I need his key. find out the date of activation and find out who received it. his friend could have gotten it, not him. also, it may still be working.
  • avatar I don't understand. If you want a new beta key you'll have to ask the dev, but since you traded away the last one against their wishes I can't imagine they will want to give you another.
  • avatar once again: I need the key that gave the developer.
  • avatar What date and key? The dev said you should not have traded it. It was meant for your use and not to be traded and would have been revoked. Your key was invalid per the dev.
  • avatar why removed the tag from the profile Darkborn24890? the dispute is not closed
  • I'm waiting for a screenshot that captures the date and the key from the developer.
  • avatar Hi, did the developer contact you by now?
  • avatar I am currently emailing the creator of the game myself to verify everything
  • avatar You just dont get it. So its pointless talking to you.
  • avatar I can do whatever I want with the keys. only can not sell
  • avatar I already forwarded the email from the developer to Pan Dimensional Being. And you are still ever so demanding. Told you before that you are not getting that. You know you did wrong, and still all you do is demand things. Thats just sad.
  • avatar I'm waiting for a screenshot that captures the date and the key from the developer.
  • avatar It seems like the dev sent a press key specifically not to be traded so the key for Arizona Derby should not have been sent in the first place. I'm waiting to see proof of this soon, but if this is true then DarkBorn did not recieve a legal, valid key.
  • avatar anyway, I will take you to clean water. you accepted the game and then deleted it yourself. the rest is not my problem
  • "you moron" wow, and you see me very educated. you will send the key here. on public display.
  • avatar and i will send a picture if barter tells me to and not you. i dont take orders from the likes of you, who will only insult people.
  • The hell is wrong with you? I mean, what are you talking about? See again just insult after insult. I am done talking to you. i have not edit anything you moron.
  • avatar you take your time. hard to edit in photoshop?
  • tons of empty text, you're trying to confuse me, but not this time. I'm waiting for a screenshot from the developer, with the date of sending.
  • avatar So what is there to talk about anymore?
  • You just keep ignoring of what you did and keep saying the same things over and over. But that wont change anything. Thats all i am saying.
  • i am not afraid of nothing. i dont know what you are even talking about. All i am saying is, that all you can do is insulting me. And why should i keep talking to you then. And we both already know whats happened.
  • avatar if you didn’t notice we have an open dispute. according to which we must analyze all the events of what is happening. but we cannot do this. because you are afraid. so you go away from the answers
  • avatar you keep calling me snitch and insult me. And i told you the way i see it. Thats it for me.
  • avatar everything was legal, you knew that you accept the press key. what are you afraid of?
  • you owe me games. because of you snitch, I was left without a game. I am waiting for my games, as well as answers to my questions.
  • avatar i am not a scammer. And i already told you, that i am not giving you anything. What you were doing was illegal and now you just demand things. The key is used as i sayed.
  • avatar because you are a scammer and a liar, and also an snitch for the developer. You will not only give the key that the developer gave you. but still take a screenshot of the correspondence with him, where he sent you the key. with the date of the letter.
  • avatar Why would i give you the key the developer gave me? I wont respond to you anymore. I told you how it is and thats it for me.
  • avatar I'm still waiting for the key that the developer sent you.
  • That is, you used my key, and then removed the full game +dlc from your account?
  • Do you distinguish the word keys and games? Double sigh
  • avatar i deleted the beta version and activated the actual key from the developers. And you said yourself: "and the developer revoked all the keys". Now you say the opposite. Sigh
  • avatar on all accounts after the release, the game remained in place. how did you get it removed from your library?
  • I can read. throw off the key that received from the developer.
  • avatar I said a replacement key. Cant you read?
  • avatar you want to say that the developer gave you another key?
  • avatar So as you see, yes i own the game. because the developer was nice enough to send me a replacement key. But not because of your fraud. So i dont owe you anything.
  • And just due to the such things (illegal trading of our game etc.), beta testing keys of Arizona Derby is already deleted. Regards, Miodrag
  • However, as you victim of fraud, we will see (upon publishing) to send you free key to you, please remind us after publishing game, which will be end of the month or so, then we will generate new keys for Early Release AD content (like beginning of August
  • message from developer: We strictly forbidden trading of our keys, as is its only for the review purposes and they had to sign NDA on Keymailer, where we delivered keys, where they claim that will not trade keys or did any illegal activities with AD keys.
  • avatar I did not fill out the form, as well as other traders did not fill out. I don’t get the keys for free, I advertise through the network of curators of the game developers.
  • "i am a victim of fraud" - you wrote me a game the developer will recall from your library and you owe me nothing. another lie. a game in your library, and I'm waiting for my games. there are 4 of them. but you lied and you have a game + dlс
  • avatar And as the developer told me, you signed a form that you are not allowed of trading such a key. And even so, you still tell me i am the bad guy here. I wonder what is wrong with you?
  • i dont even know what to say anymore about you. in the first place you got the key for free from the developer to make a review about the game. then you trade this key and after i contact the developer about it, you just keep insulting me even more.
  • i contacted the developer to find out if what you are saying is true and they told me that i am a victim of fraud. And you tell me i am the one who did wrong. oh my gosh.
  • All you can do is insult. Apperently that is all you are good at. Which is already pretty sad. And i am nor a scammer nor a snitch.
  • avatar it doesn’t bother me at all. I immediately wrote - this is the full key. you calmly accepted it. and then he began to roar, to say this is not a complete game and it will be recalled from the library.
  • I wrote to you 100 times that this is a press key. but that wasn’t enough for you and you got to knock the developer. and the developer revoked all the keys.
  • thereby leaving other participants without this exchange game. and now you are just a scammer. you have a top game in your library and you can’t even send what is due to me. you not only have a full game, but you also have a +DLC!
  • and now tell me how you will live with this scammer and snitch? you didn’t even have enough brains to find out what a press key is!
  • avatar I send you the message i got from the developer. and i am not giving you anything, because of that. i can just repost it here if you want that instead.
  • avatar I'm waiting for the keys to my games
  • Its press key, full game
  • avatar hi, before we trade, please confirm that its not a beta key!
  • avatar Overview
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