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avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X XXL-MAN failed offer with Myullnir
  • X Myullnir failed offer with XXL-MAN
  • > Myullnir accepted offer from XXL-MAN
  • < XXL-MAN proposed offer to Myullnir
  • 🕗 Myullnir set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 XXL-MAN set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar dont worry, i took it on time. I have the game. Thx and apologyze to the admin for his time.
  • avatar I'm really sorry for posting it here
  • avatar Thank you both for completing the trade. As XXL-MAN said, this chat is public and I've hidden that message. I've changed the offer from failed to completed.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • so by my side, agree to COMPLETED, Thx to the admin and staff for this great site!
  • Hi both. I didnt talk about scam. Just when u agree a trade, u must finish it. I received the key, but next time DO NOT PUBLISH IT HERE, THIS IS WIDE OPEN!. i will give u link on private to GODS WBW
  • avatar I just want to ask one thing, could you try the key for the Gods will be Watching? I want to show that I never lied about using it, nor did I ever intend to scam XXL-MAN
  • [ comment removed ]
  • avatar You can proceed with the original offer and I'll change this to completed or I can attempt to activate the Gods Will Be Watching key. If the key is unused, I'd provide XXL-MAN with an unclaimed Humble gift link and change offer to "abandoned."
  • avatar Yes, no problem about that.
  • avatar The key for DiRT Rally is region locked? XXL-MAN, would you be able to use a SA-locked key and would you still complete the offer knowing about that region lock?
  • avatar So, he agrees that he accepted the trade, i added him on steam, i sent the cdkey and received nothing. He just replied "this is not a contract, i havent used the cdkey". In fact, he can keep it, or it maybe used. "i changed my mind" must be not a reason.
  • avatar Anyways, I'm totally open to talking this out
  • I understand I was a bit selfish with how I cancelled, but I tried to talk with him, and he didn't answer for days, so I thought he had forgotten about the trade
  • The fact that I don't remember could be totally my fault, I'm not saying he didn't send me the CD-key. I'm saying I never used it
  • I also truly don't remember getting the cdkey, and I don't have the logs of the conversation, so I don't have the key for the game of XXL-MAN
  • I agree it is an accurate summary. The summary doesn't reflect on many of the other reasons I gave for wanting to cancel the trade. For example that the game is Region Locked
  • avatar I'll be the mediator for this dispute. XXL-MAN, you sent the key for Gods Will Be Watching to Myullnir in exchange for DiRT Rally. Myullnir did not want to proceed with this trade and sent nothing in exchange. Is this an accurate summary?
  • avatar I send him the cdkey on chat, he didnt answered and just commented the next day "i changed my mind, this is not a contract" and didnt send me the game.
  • I only trade gifts x gifts. I can accept PAYPAL or TF2/CSGO keys. Overview
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