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claimed other party abandoned offer

devotee claimed other party abandoned offer

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X devotee failed offer with Rak Nieborak
  • X Rak Nieborak failed offer with devotee
  • > devotee accepted offer from Rak Nieborak
  • < Rak Nieborak proposed offer to devotee
  • 🕗 devotee set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Since I can't comment on your profile, I deleted your comments from mine. I will leave your comment untouched if you let me answer it.
  • Guess you wanted a review on steam trades.
  • Don't delete my negative comment on your steam profile you dumb fuck.
  • avatar There's obviously no agreement, but I don't see any reason to continue this. I'm marking this as resolved because no games or items were lost in the trade.
  • devotee, although the failure reasons weren't clear and I recently changed the wording, if you received a duplicate key, but hadn't sent a key yet, this wouldn't be classified as a lost game dispute.
  • Rak, if you suspect someone will be too slow for you, don't send the key first. If you don't receive a response, mark the offer as abandoned, but you should allow for at least as much time as you requested (3 days).
  • avatar Maybe Steam should make a good phone app instead of the junk they have available. Mixing chats in the mobile app and the steam desktop client usually ends in a mess on both. I've already explained why I don't use the mobile app chat.
  • Like I said before, maybe it's time to learn how to use a phone. Maybe your mommy here will help you with the modern technologies simpleton.
  • avatar I can't ignore messages I haven't read. And if ignoring messages (which, again, I didn't) was to be considered something rude, how do we call all the insults you're throwing here?
  • "I thought you're a scammer and I won't get my keys" Steamtrades: +236 vs +3 rep (you), Barter: 500 completed offers vs 64 (you). As I've explained, being online =/= being in front of the Steam chat. Browser =/= Steam client.
  • Why would anyone ignore the messeage if they have the time? I'll tell you why 'cause you're rude. I claimed my key just to check if it's lost forever
  • Why should I wait? You were online and you were on barter/steam by at least a few hours (I've checked that you made some offers). I left you a few messeages on Steam and you didnt even reply. I thought you're a scammer and I won't get my keys
  • avatar The original expiration time was 3 days.
  • avatar "It takes for you 2 weeks to sent some keys" -> false. Check the completed trades history. And yes, you should have waited at least the same amount of time you set your offer to expire (which wasn't 24 hours).
  • By the way, I don't remember the expiration time you set on your offer, but I'm sure it wasn't one day. If you set the expiration date to more than one day, you're being irrational.
  • You could learn how to use your phone if you're on on PC, get out of your cave simpleton. Waited? It takes for you 2 weeks to sent some keys. LOL
  • avatar Yes, it is advertised (however it's not 2 weeks). Learn to use barter after being almost two years here. And yes, I could have sent the keys IF YOU HAD WAITED.
  • And you couldn't just send the keys princess?
  • How could I know this moron takes 2 weeks to make 2 clicks. It is advertised somewhere?
  • avatar You had the option to say in the chat "hey, let's agree on cancelling the trade because I'm not comfortable with the 15 days expiration time" instead of throwing in the key for your game. "run to your mommy","loser","trash"...Who is arrogant and rude now?
  • avatar What do you have against devotee? Most offers aren't completed in under 24 hours. If you didn't trust devotee to respond in a timely manner, why send the key first?
  • I had no option to decline this exp date, It was set not by me after this trash accepted the offer.
  • So ran to you your mommy, pathetic looser!
  • avatar For now, I've changed the offer status to abandoned, but the expiration time of this offer was 13 days from now. If such a long expiration time didn't make sense, than Rak should have considered it before sending the key.
  • Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. Given that this blocked devotee from offers, I'm making a decision now based on the comments and offer information. If Rak Nieborak redeemed the sent key, the failure reason is not accurate.
  • ...of time as seding those keys. You're an arrogant and rude person. Should I wait for 2 weeks so your highness decides to reply with a letter sent by a bird?
  • Also I waited more than 24 hours, a simple reply in the chat saying you're busy (take less that 5 seconds, by your smartphone or PC, those are not the middle ages, I know you're online the whole day). To be honest writing you're busy take the same amount
  • I used the key myself after after you failed to sent me the keys you agreed on. You were online and active you just did not want to reply. I assumed you abandoned the deal.
  • avatar What the fuck, dude? You drop the key in the steam chat without even waiting for me to say anything and ~12h later you fail the trade because I haven't replied. Your key is a duplicate by the way.
  • I left you the key in a Steam private message
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