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  • avatar He finally sent me a giftlink, so we're done. Close this
  • avatar with him. I suspect he also knew it was a beta key and was counting on it being an issue, but I can't know for sure.
  • and a scammer, despite the fact he was the only one make such comments. Also, I DID end up giving him the key, which I was tempted not to because of his attitude, but that's not reason to not complete a trade, so I did. It will, however, be the last trade
  • All I did was state the key was beta, intending to discuss the situation, which I've done a few other times without any issue at all, since *most* people are reasonable, and he instantly became angry and rude, including stating I was being a douchebag
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  • I've sent the key from AI War 2, but got nothing in return. The guy claims that the key is beta, because of "for beta testing" in the end of the key, however, as we all know those kind of keys are not beta and give complete permanent version of the game.
  • avatar added to discuss
  • avatar also can be done as 2:2 if for My Time At Portia as well
  • Please don't send me your keys out of nowhere, chat first. No profile limited ⚙ or banned games. First accepted/sent offer has top priority over other offers. I have several impersonators, make sure you're chatting with real me. Happy trading! Overview
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