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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

klikzg claimed ...

Samkiud claimed Restitution, received compensation for loss

Admin, please edit the offer. Samkiud received "Arma: Gold Edition" (i/574) as a replacement for "Counter-Strike: Source" (i/754). As confirmed by both parties from the evidences provided. ( ( 9 months ago

Mediator LRiPPER edited the failed reasons of offer
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • Samkiud disputed offer with klikzg due to revocation
  • klikzg completed offer with Samkiud
  • Samkiud completed offer with klikzg
  • > Samkiud accepted offer from klikzg
  • < klikzg proposed offer to Samkiud
  • 🕗 Samkiud set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 klikzg set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I agreed.
  • avatar That game was given away, but agreed anywhere here - so that must be it. Great that this is settled. Thank you, both. Please correct this to a good trade. As the another game was given away to make it a good trade.
  • avatar So, you both came to an agreement?
  • avatar Yes, September 9th. Let's assume this was it. And let this comments serve as record. Consider this settled. And apologizes.
  • avatar I've just checked my list of traded games ( ) vs. your list ( ). I think it was ARMA: Gold, check in your mail did you get it from Humble bundle ( ).
  • avatar The trade was made in September 5th. This is my Licenses and product key activations page Can you remember which game you gave for this offer? If you do, we can consider this settled.
  • I agree with your terms, but I'm not trying to antagonize you. I'm not asking for a $10 game, just calling this out for a fair treatment.
  • avatar So Samkuid, which $10 game you want from my collection to settle this. I have plenty & care more about reputation that $10 or a game. But agree to make this positive trade & to correct the STEAMifts remark within 24h.
  • While on Samkuid reputation still stands my positive remark from 24th Sep, when we have settled the dispute of the game.
  • The link to single bad reputation is here:
  • The only thing I found about Samkuid foul play is the EDITED reputation on STEAMGifts, as can be seen on photo here:
  • After that, I don't want to see you again or trade with you again. Will unfriend you everywhere & don't ask me again to be friends or to trade.
  • But I also expect from you to pull bad comment on STEAMGifts & to make this a successful trade deal after that. & you need to AGREE on this, before I send you the (reimbursement) game.
  • You can exort another game from me of the same worth, I don't mind. But you will write here the the game you want to have & ti will stay on RECORD here.
  • Could not find the history of our chat, but your game was the only one problematic one. I do remember that I gave you something of the same worth.
  • avatar Oh, please, and let this comments be the record for that. I don't remember. That might be my fault, please remind me.
  • avatar Added you on STEAM. As I remember I did gave you another game, after this mix up 3 months ago. & I'll try to find the gift that was given away to you, now that STEAM chat is not available for history after 3 months.
  • I'm off now. But will respond. Just write here. & we can settle this.
  • avatar I sent an invitation to Klikzg, but he has not accepted. Not because he has not get online, though.
  • avatar Hello, guys! I'm here to mediate the dispute. How can I help you both to resolve this?
  • avatar Hey, what's this now? You know I sent you another key for another game, not to have this. Is this way of saying "thank you"?
  • avatar It is a Guest Pass. You didn't tell me that.
  • avatar Got a STEAM extra copy, that can send to your mail.
  • Trading an equal value games. So check the current worth of game offered on IsThereAnyDeal & make the offer. ;) Overview
klikzg will send 1 of these tradables

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