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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

Keith claimed other party abandoned offer

Mayuyu claimed other party abandoned offer

avatar 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Keith failed (abandoned) offer with Mayuyu
  • X Mayuyu failed (abandoned) offer with Keith
  • 🔄 Mediator 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) reset the offer status
  • 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) volunteered to mediate offer
  • 🚪 exited from offer mediation
  • volunteered to mediate offer
  • X Mayuyu failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with Keith
  • X Keith failed (requested to cancel) offer with Mayuyu
  • > Mayuyu accepted offer from Keith
  • < Keith proposed offer to Mayuyu
  • 🕗 Mayuyu set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Keith set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I don't trade with revokes keys. And look at your game, that is marked with dupes as well.
  • avatar Thank you guys for your cooperation. I reset the status of the offer, please mark it as complete now so that it will disappear from your profiles.
  • avatar I hope you stop exchanging revoked keys) Thanks for your help Lilly!
  • avatar @Lilly: It works. You can close the dispute. Just hope other people will not get the same useless trouble with that person.
  • avatar Of course, I know about this feature, so I posted the key here. Adding this person turned out to be unreliable.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Key: Steam key format detected
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  • avatar 4 weeks ago, thanks for your time!
  • i dropped a key below man...
  • avatar it doesn't see a chance that Keith and i will have the same opinion,... I'm open for friendly tryings to solve a problem, but after the way he wrote, I'm not open for more discussions.
  • Hi Lilly, as I wrote 5 months before. I can send you the screenshots, but I will not waste more time in useless discussions. Took me too much time and looking at that that time passed after my last comment + the communication before,
  • avatar Excellent trader idk
  • :)
  • avatar Hey guys, I'll be taking over this dispute from - is there still any interest to resolve it? If so, let's see what we can do about it.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Key: Steam key format detected
  • Dispute it isn't a warn or mark. Disputes are needed to solve the problem.
  • avatar screenshot or others via a PN, I will send it. So they can decide if they let the failed dispute in your account or not. Rest is said already.
  • person). Or alternative activate some and maybe get other troubles later. I just invested more time in clarification to warn others. There’s nothing I could win here besides of that, just loosing a lot of time. If the mediator want the besaid screensh
  • And I don’t need a code now. At time making a deal or an alternative deal, yeah. But after this time robbing discussions I will definetly not trade with a code of yours now and risk that it will not work and makes even more trouble (plus include another
  • in internet is against our data laws. Why should I break laws that could lead here to really high punishment costs? For sure not for this annoying dispute. I offer to send it to the mediator in a private mail, so I hide nothing. I just follow the laws.
  • think it’s boring that I look closer at your words. But maybe you should do that too. But anyway feels more than not wanting to understand is the problem. The screenshots of at that time working code includes a private communication and upload them ope
  • The worth of keys has nothing do to with the fact if a trade worked or not. And for sure I look closer at your words. Especially if there are controversial statements. Seems to be difficult to understand my text and that I don’t hide screenshot. You
  • avatar I believe this man isn't a scammer, but just mixed up a lot of things. He's trying to scam me, but I don't care, I am the guilty party here.
  • Barter i don't have Story: Heaven & Hell but i'm ready to replace it by any other keys of mine.
  • Man you are insanely serious, we just trading keys for low tier games. I don't know why you such a nerd. It's boring to read how you try to pick on every word I say, but you hide every screenshot that's supposed to prove you right.
  • avatar Mediator if you want this screenshot or others, give me a hint/mail. I haven’t the time for more of this useless discussions. Will change nothing just steal me more of my time.
  • definitely will not break laws just for this stupid trouble. I have a screenshot that proofs what I wrote and I’m open to send it to the mediator as private mail.
  • -versial statements. 4. Just bc you don’t know that Steam can check codes, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. And how “funny” I don’t upload a picture… read my text properly. It’s forbitten to upload openly private messages. I defi
  • 3. For kicking you we had to be friends on Steam. Didn’t you say we have never added each other? And now you say , you haven’t see that I accepted your invitation, If I had do so? Last mails sounded like you never send me an invitation. More controver
  • code first). And the link to the forum you posted didn’t show any warning about this gam at time you posted it. But anyway, I asked Steam at that time the trouble began if the code works and they agreed. So It’s proof it was a working code.
  • 2. I never heard about that this key could make problems. There was no warning at barter and if I trade I rely on this. If I know about possible problems I write that always before accepting a trade and ask if the person would risk it (plus sending the
  • 1.You wrote I would fool you with a not working key as fact. You said you never got a game, at the same time you say my code would not work. That’s either controversial or an accusation without any proof just to try to turn this argument.
  • avatar Absurd, such a noise because of a useless game and the fact that you worked hard and mixed up some things
  • You don't show any messages, it's funny. I didn't know that Steam could tell when the key was activated
  • but because you kicked me from the list, Liar.... You kicked me, and I didn't even see that you even accepted me or you made it all up.
  • I didn't get your key, and looking at the forums there is a chance that this key couldn't work at all and you may have known that.
  • avatar it here so other users know it and don’t get similar problems. (PS: would be great if barter would allow more letters. It's annoying to be forced to have such complex discussions in just a few words or need to split it in so many small messages)
  • what you mean with a fault? Thanks, but no. I don’t need a giveaway code. I don’t want to trade with a code I don’t know and risk new trouble. Haven’t the time for that. Bc it was a cheap game I see it as lost and case closed. But for sure I marke
  • manners to use an appropriate choose of words, I will not discuss anymore with him. It show me enough of his character and how realistic the rate for finding a solution is. Thats my answer to the first part. Now I see the second: Sorry, I don’t understa
  • some screenshots to mediator. And I willing to answer some short question if they make sense in my eyes. But I'm not open anymore to waste more hours in this dispute. And expecially I'm not open to let me rudely offend by Keith anymore. If he hasn't
  • the originally seller without knowing this code. So either it's proof he got the code as I said or it proofs that he blame me with stuff that has absolutely no basis (especially bc he write it as a fact, not a suspicion). So, I'm open to send some screen
  • contoversal statements. He said he never got a game, at the same time he said my code would not work. The game was neither listed as revoked on the barter side, nor barter at that time. And he could neither check the code for working condition nor see
  • but my it’s not worth that much time. Outgoing on the old course, I don't think that we will find deal. So, I can send a screenshot where steam support said the game was working. That refuted Keith last statement. And I indicate to think about his
  • This useless trouble cost me so much of my less time. Makes absolutely no sense to waste it without reason. And this shitty game is definitely not one. Neither to fight for that website. I think it's a great possibility, and for keeping that for others
  • for a complete data overview due to our laws. What has Keith done to proof his statements beside that useless link? Besides that he directly got rude just bc I criticised his trading methods and said the opposite of me
  • can show it. And now the discussion begins again. I invested so much time again. Writing this stuff here. Checking Keiths website where I see nothing about the controversial game. Try to recover old screenshots. Writing with steam support again. Ask Stea
  • stuff,... I see absolutely no sense why I should invest so much precious time if I wouldn't tell the truth. For that working time I would be able to buy a lot of other games. I don't saved every step I've done, but I still have proofs here about it and
  • everything and every proof will be lost as far as an user kicks the other from the list. But good for users to who know that. So ist easy to get codes without sending one. I used third parties websites that track data too but seems all they see just new
  • my account,... But bc Steam doesn't track that stuff, so all that time was lost (ok, now I can proof the current wrong statement trough it). I always thought that trading via steam would be without risk, never thought that it's needed to screenshot
  • But I have to note that I am not willing anymore to spend further hours of work in this useless trouble. After that lie he told, I spend so much hours in trying to find a proof. I wrote long mails with the steam support, checked all visible data's in
  • Keiths statement I would scam him with revoked codes is wrong. If you give me a support mail, I can send a screenshot. Uploading it openly would be against the data laws here. And I will definitely not break laws bc an user tells wrong stuff.
  • and if I would deal with such a code I would be the problem. That's a no go and other users don't need to be involved it. I wrote to Steam again and at least they could confirm that the code I gave them to check in December was working. So that proofs
  • robbing discussions begins months later again. For me that case was closed with result, that the game is lost. For sure I will not deal with such a code anymore. I don't need more useless trouble. With difference that this trouble here is caused by Keith
  • Hello, no. I always delete codes from my list as far as they are traded to keep a good overview and just deal with working codes. I kept this code here some weeks longer just to have it if mediators had ask for it, but doesn't imagine that this time
  • avatar Ultimately, Back To Basics Gaming seems to be at fault. However, in the interest of resolving this dispute, I can trade for the Cosmic Dust & Rust key in exchange for another giveaway key. Would this be satisfactory?
  • Mayuyu, do you still have the key for Cosmic Dust & Rust?
  • avatar find a solution. Trying to close that case with such a argument and try to blame me, is outrageous. Thanks Keith for wasting so much of my time. But thanks for showing that your arguments are contradictory. Hope mediator agrees without wasting more time.
  • ything works well. In my eyes it’s just important that the code is from a legal and serious webside, so theres no extra risk for trouble. But even if somebody would contact me so much time later and give me proof of the problem, I would be open to
  • could know what happen with codes in future, that’s a risk for every game. And regarding activation: Resell such codes is forbidden, so every user should trad for itself. And I see no problem to activate a game directly and directly give feedback if eve
  • game from its wishlist, agree that it hasn’t to send me a game or contact the seller for a new key. Last I would do anyway. I’m not the opinion that I have to guarantee that a traded code is working months or years later in a private trade. Nobody
  • All my codes in the other trades worked bc I don’t use shady websites. And if it should ever happen that a seller revoke his keys and the user cant activate the key, I would always try to find the solution that pleases it the most. So I would send anoth
  • t show me a warning of revoked keys. I contacted Steam support and ask if they can say me more if the key has been revoked now or maybe if somebody activated it now. 2. I always send the games first if users get me the needed time. So they have no risk.
  • Besides that my code was working at the time I sent it: 1. I wasted my time now and look trough the sent main list. The said game isn’t listed. So no proof that the game was maybe revoked weeks or months after sending. As well the barter webside don’
  • user tries to fool me and take my code without any code in exchange, even he got a working code from me. And after two months he tries to fool me with saying I would send not working codes? That’s blatant!
  • friendlist. But they were possible to tell me that the code was still working at that time. No way to proof that he tells lies at that time, but it’s a proof that they key worked at the time I send it. Another proof that Keith is a liar. So first this
  • this discussions I contacted the Steam support. I hoped to get some proof that we added each other and that he’s a liar. Steam support hadn’t the chance to see the old messages bc they seems so get permanently deleted if a user kicks the other from hi
  • that I ‘m a liar. Look at the old messages. He wrote twice that the never got a code from me. So now he claim that I had send a wrong code at the same time he said he had never got a code from me?! That’s a proof he is a liar. 2. At the time we had
  • Is that a bad joke? 1. I send a key to Keith, but never got a key in return. After I confronted him with that he said, he never got a code from me and we had never add each other, so I would has been impossible that I had send him a code. So he told me
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. Were any games exchanged?
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Key: Steam key format detected
  • have any news from steam sup?)
  • and i still dont have this game, i checked this... sadly that you have some problems in real life and than you trying to create them for others on the Internet
  • i never deI never delete anyone, I don't know what kind of show you're trying to play.
  • avatar I contacted Steam support and asked if they can restore some information as proof. I have nothing to hide.
  • directly after I saw that you agreed my friendship invitation. I wanted to make a screenshot as proof, but because you kicked me from the list, I have no access anymore to our unilaterally chat.
  • blame me?! Outrageous! 2. You say we never added each other. That’s a lie! I send you an invitation, you add me to your friend list and after I send my code you kicked me from the list! 3. You said you never got my game. That’s a lie too! I send it
  • don't delete it, I can accept and expect a working trade. Just make ONE offer per game to ONE person and then there aren’t such useless problems! You make useless work and trouble to me, you ruin my barter statistics with a failed trade and now you try
  • 1.) 1. It's not my fault if you make the same offer to different people! Don't blame me, I neither need to know every function here nor I need to know if you have saved additional tradable codes that aren’t listed on barter. If somebody make an offer an
  • avatar Barter have warning that i already traded my game, its all your fault don't try to make me look guilty and teach me something.
  • What you sent to me? We didn't even add each other. You are fine?
  • avatar I already sent to you, we could cancel. If you send me a game that I don't like to play by myself and that I have to trade, I have the similar risk of trading with this code.
  • You could not offer the same game to different people. That would avoid useless trouble. I have no games on my list that I got for free. I paid for everything. So I dont look if a game maybe has been free for some people. If you hasn't used my code that
  • avatar you accepted offer right after other guy did the same, sorry, couldn't do anything. anyway terraria only for Russia region. i have pretty much freebie games like your with cards
  • avatar oh, uncool. Sad that you don't checked that before. I'm just interested in Terraria, but thats a higher price. For exchange in a game that I will trade, I have to look closer. But currently there's no time for that extra work. Will try it on monday.
  • avatar sorry, i dont have Story: Heaven & Hell anymore. maybe you interested in something other from my tradable?
  • Please choose the reason why u declined my offer or make a counter offer if its possible! Overview
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